How video content is taking the Internet by storm

18th January 2016

TV adverts are no longer limited only to the television set anymore. The explosion of the Internet, advances in technology and huge boost in popularity of social media have all lead to video content taking the Internet by storm.

Many Internet users are looking for distraction, information or entertainment and video caters for all of that. Anything that is broadcast on TV can now be watched and shared online and the advertisements are no different. A really good, or equally really bad, TV advert can be spread across the Internet and seen by millions in a single day. This is why going to an expert such as Space City for you TV commercial production is so vital. A company with as much experience and knowledge as we have can create for you a digital ad campaign that will set the Internet alight with excitement.


The creation of YouTube is almost solely responsible for the way video content has taken over the Internet. This video-sharing site has millions of subscribers worldwide and so any video posted here has the potential to be viewed by millions of people all over the world. This can be a blessing for any company looking to boost their brand awareness through a brand or direct response TV advertisement. As well as being able to upload their own videos, users can watch clips of almost anything and share them with contacts via social media, email or even text by copying a link.

Social Media

Social media also has had its part to play in the way video has become such an important content online. Users of social media reach into the hundreds of millions all over the world and they can use this platform to share and discuss information they find entertaining or meaningful. Just a few simple clicks can share a video you like online between your contacts and then they can share it between their own contacts and as quick as a flash someone else on the other side of the planet can be watching that video. Social media has made it possible for brands to get their adverts shown to more people than was ever possible before.

The importance of a good TV advert for the Internet

In order to be able to make use of the popularity of video content online, you must be able to make a stellar TV advertisement in the first place. A funny, emotional or nostalgic TV ad production is much more likely to catch the imagination of the viewer and encourage them to share it online. Here at Space City we are experts in TV commercial production and will create a unique and original TV advert to your specifications for you to put online and watch it spread across the Internet.

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