Impact of TV advertising is growing

12th January 2017

IMPACT Through TV advertising has been declared a dying pastime in recent years: growing your brand through TV though is something not to be neglected.

Having held strong and consistent market share over the last 25 years, TV has cemented itself as a dependable and trustworthy ally to businesses looking to impact on their target markets’.

With the growth of online though and the ability to set-up more efficient and convenient CRM systems, brands have been investing exponentially in digital ads.

However given the fact that online ads are generally shorter and device based, it is more of an investment risk to prioritise such an unreliable source of consistent conversions and engagements.

TV can provide you with the guaranteed impact that online inherently cannot.
TV can provide you with the guaranteed impact that online inherently cannot.

Furthermore the complex algorithms of measuring success in online adds further complexities to what can be a simple marketing solution.

By prioritising one entity of advertising over another your company is reducing its chances of building brand awareness and affirmation.

Although impact regarding PPC is something that can be easily measured, its success in itself in driving sales is entirely objective.

Additionally ads that are initially viewed online are statistically 20 per cent less trusted by the public, due mainly to aesthetics and viewing quality which is hindered aside from TV.

24 per cent more of consumers felt that TV ads were produced to a quality standard compared to online.

Therefore in order to provide not only the aesthetic stimulus, but a trustworthy and engaging one, TV is the most effective form of advertising for your company.

Online is instrumental at tracking conversions though, achievingĀ KPI success, as well as offering a universal hub for consumers to reach you.

However without that initial engagement which continues to saturate the initial interest stage, your campaign will statistically deliver a sales jump four times fewer than that of a TV ad alone.

As 2017 has ensued, the expected demise of TV or gradual fall from grace, has yet again failed to materialise.

Deloitte has forecast that spending in TV will stagnate across both the UK and US markets, not decline as has been unsuccessfully predicted over the past 5 years.

This in spite of the omission of any global sporting event which brings consistent mass numbers to reach.

TV impact is still higher than ever despite the strengths of online.
TV impact is still higher than ever despite the strengths of online.

Despite the rise of online, ad free viewing, TV still has a ratio of 19:1 in its favour when compared to those who ingest linear and on-demand TV, in comparison to subscription services such as Netflix or Amazon.

While the existence of ad-skipping prevails, viewing figures increase from older demographics and on-demand delivers TV ads successfully, the undeniable strength of TV ensures that any added investment incurred from it is justified while it continues to deliver long-term commercial lifts and KPI achievement.

Although a strong supplement to TV commercials, online ads cannot compete with the credibility and instant impact on sales and brand recognition TV delivers.

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