Direct response TV advertising delivers a rare metanarrative in the midst of economic uncertainty

2nd November 2016

VOLATILITY Has swept the advertisement industry in the wake of the economic uncertainty regarding Brexit.

At a time when revenues from consumers are unstable at best, allied to the growth of mobile and other forms of digital advertising, budgets of companies looking to find the most pertinent medium to succeed in finding the greatest audience depth have been rendered curtailed, after a wave of growth over the last six years.

Investors and consumers crave clarity and whilst the ongoing negotiations regarding the terms of Britain’s withdrawal from the EU are ongoing, very little long term assurance will be found over the next few years until the process is complete.

Therefore to work on impulse and the emotive, cognitive processes of consumers is imperative. As appose to brand response mechanisms which require a greater depth of loyalty to the product, notwithstanding the inevitable increase in budgetary requirements.

Call to action has delivered instant results belying the uncertain economic times
Call to action has delivered instant results, belying the uncertain economic times

Space City Productions have pioneered the autonomous directive towards commercial production, regardless of the budget or platform.

Having existed through two recessions and continuing to allow numerous household names to grow and emerge through their campaigns: Moonpig, GoCompare and Villa Plus to name but a few, Space City has organically and voluntarily developed a premise for companies to deliver their products and services regardless of the economic situation.

Sunnier climes have proceeded Space City's direct response adverts
Sunnier climes have proceeded Space City’s direct response adverts

Throughout the last 20 years the print press has seen a rapid decline in its advertisement revenues, resorting to free paper status to resurrect their ailing position in the market.

However this rhetoric will only succeed on a national level within the readership of the working individuals, eliminating a large segment of the market that direct response continues to reach: under 25s and the over 55s.

Throughout the last year in a study published by Fundraising Media DNA in September, their findings across all demographics illustrated that direct response elicited a greater than forecasted response on all fronts, vindicating the impact that direct response continues to make.

This coupled with the fact that television advertising’s share of the market has remained at the same level for the last 20 years, despite the arrival and decline of new entities that have failed to saturate the market, cements the credibility and assurance companies can take in an autonomous, cost-effective and proven entity in the direct response TV commercial industry, as Space City Productions embodies and represents in its very mantra.




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