International advertising: how to execute it and why

20th August 2018

Advertising productions are traditionally produced for native platforms, but international campaigns are key to maximising future growth

INTERNATIONAL Advertising campaigns will be crucial for companies worldwide as they look to maximise ROI and enjoy improved marketing efficiency.

When making ads for new consumer groups, never mind international markets, your business does not need to produce all new campaigns to strike relevance with consumers.

As long as an ad encompasses your brand and offers creative consistency throughout the commercial, your ads should not have geographical boundaries, given the ease in which you can get your advert in front of consumers worldwide.

In order to execute the perfect worldwide advertising campaign for your business, provisions need to be made to save unnecessary work further down the line.

What should I do creatively to help an advertising production internationally?

In order to ensure of relevance to global consumer segments, the imperative should be to avoid sync-sound.

Many brands take their ads abroad and utilise the same creative with spoken dialogue and simply dub over the existing speech with a new voiceover to compliment a new audience; this does not assist your ROI.

TV Advertising Production for Money Boomerang
Advertising on an international or local level requires great levels of onus on body language as opposed to spoken words.

When looking at effectiveness as a whole, spoken words account for only 14% of what goes into persuading someone to buy a product, according to Lead Forensics research, with body language and tone more leveraging factors.

With tone and body language unnatural, the authenticity of the advertising experience you are offering will be stymied, which will reduce your effectiveness on TV at the very least.

Consumers desire nothing more than an experience when viewing TV adverts; they want to escape and be entertained, therefore looking at creative cues that will be relevant in all languages is key.

Utilising a song for instance, or particular jingle that would not make sense from one country to the next, would be detrimental to memorability and reach, therefore ensure that visual, emotional inclusions dominate how your advert is remembered and not audio.

Animations can be useful, but when looking to emotionally relate to people for the first time, having real people will be key – regardless of race, sex or creed.

What do I have to do to get a commercial ready to be broadcast internationally?

Not too much. Essentially most of the changes will be related to graphics and the timings of when they come on the screen, compared to when you had a voice over in a different language.

Clearance will be a key element, with countries around the globe having varying levels of tolerance towards certain scripts and ideas, but if an ad strays from sync-sound, you should be able to adapt depending on voiceover changes and graphics, rather having the issues of a reshoot, should something not be compliment as a consequence of any spoken creative element.

When preparing the new versions, using the same core rushes that were used for the original ad will benefit quality and consistency as you transmit your commercial production to international consumer groups.

By editing already developed versions and reexporting them, you will steadily haemorrhage quality from your ads, which will disrupt your creative consistency and memorability, which is crucial to long-term success omniplatform and around the world.

What else do I do to prepare my brand for international sales growth?

The greatest task will be ensuring that your website is compatible and ranks well in search across the countries you are advertising in.

Screenshot from Diet Chef cost-effective TV advertising production
Creating international ads requires great online care, too, to ensure of relevance.

Simply buying the domains and Google Translating the pages will not be enough to convey brand and still be in keeping with your style guide – you need to comprehensively prepare your digital offerings before preparing any mass media TV advertising production work to be broadcast abroad.

Having the supply chain, too, will be crucial as you look to satisfy the demand that will be generated by the most lucrative form of marketing; TV.

Bodies such as the Department for International Trade assist UK Plc in their efforts to supply products and services abroad, thus with a knowledge of capacity, you can create the commercials and mould the consumer segments you know you can cope with.

With such a presence, your ability to adapt and thrive amid periods of economic strife in one country, can be offset by success in another, as you deliver versatile DRTV and brand campaigns.

TV is the number one interest and demand generator, therefore feeding this demand with brand-consistent content on and offline, you can ensure that your business builds a globally recognisable brand.

Space City has been producing TV, online and radio adverts for over 25 years, being named the UK’s most cost-effective TV advertising production company.

The business is a part of the Department for International Trade’s company register, which ensures that services can be exported worldwide.

The London-based advertising production company is the UK’s most productive per-head, producing more adverts and versions since 2000.

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