License to sell: advertising imperatives

31st August 2017

Many factors stifle your ad efficiency, ensuring that you keep abreast of license litigation is crucial to long-term profit potential

LICENSE May seem like a litigious term to use within such a creative construct as advertising may be, but awareness is imperative.

Entrenched within the additional commercial costs that are seemingly tertiary to the output of advertising, licenses, the nature of them and the diligence of how they are conceived can dominate the extent of your advertising success.

Although not a pre-requisite to you advertising, whereby artists do not necessarily have to be used, the usage of professional actors, specially composed music and copyrighted material is crucial in exposing and protecting your brand.

With TV and online advertising, the usage of video that is either placed in a linear, addressable or other targeted fashion elicits the greatest volume of future sales and brand building – particularly in the case of the former.

However accompanying such means of advertising – unless utilising staff members within your own or production company’s team – you will incur residual costs that are embroiled in both litigation and prosperity in equal measure.

If your ad is a success for instance and you chose to continue to play your creatives across TV and online, any artists would be obliged to receive play-out fees.

This is ultimately where your licensing and the nature of it can ultimately cement your advertising success or compromise it.

Your business is stronger using online video to elicit direct responses, with brand building stronger through TV.

Therefore as you look to optimise your ancillary advertising spend, prioritising the appropriate license to compliment your consumers is crucial.

With TV and brand response, the prerogative should be to initiate lifetime buyouts for any tracks and artist fees that you may use.

Ensuring that you have the correct license when you commit to artist fees is imperative.
Ensuring that you have the correct license when you commit to artist fees is imperative.

In this regard you can ultimately achieve reduced fees when relatively compared to similar costs, should you have only purchased a single usage license.

Moreover when looking at the purchase costs of particular tracks, the nature and potency of a response is imperative as you decide on potential music to accompany your ad.

Although older, more recognisable music elicits 12% increased response, the impact of such music will only carry the significance of the context and tone of the content it is aligned with.

Therefore as you look to chose a track and whether direct or brand response is appropriate, consider whether it is something more appropriate for short-term campaigns, or something that will permanently embody your brand voice.

Thus in this context securing a temporal, play-out based license that will not command the same commercial intensity as a lifetime will be less cost intensive.

Through the implementation of lifetime buyouts for ads that are designed to embody the brand building element of your business, you can ensure of a consistent narrative, one that perpetuates your ideology and disambiguates any confusion through personalised indexing.

The same directive should be implemented within your business regarding actors too.

With licenses that ensure a clear focus is instigated regarded the casting of your actors you can embody the storytelling tone that assists indexing and reach.

Mirroring is the imperative pre-cursor to the release of dopamine, thus ensuring you have powerful and contextually aware actors is crucial.

Ensuring you license your actors is imperative. Not doing so could compromise your future ads, brand perception and result in reduced efficiency.
Ensuring you license your actors is imperative. Not doing so could compromise your future ads, brand perception and result in reduced efficiency.

With branded ads the success you elicit is optimised over a three-year-period, with up to 140% sales increases ensured as a result, thus a play-out derived license will only serve to escalate your costs and ensure your artists may also become associated with other ads, some that may contradict your own brand ethos.

Through DRTV this is not as great an issue as with brand response, given the fact that it is the showcase that is necessary to initiate response and the facts at the heart of them, not the physical intimater of the information themselves.

From an ethical perspective too the morally ebullient connotations that are associated with your entire creative, can stem from your actors and music themselves as you look to truly be a mobilising force for change.

Your advertising employs the entire perception of your brand, therefore to be as inclusive as possible is vital to increasing short and long-term sales, brand resonation and memorability.

Counter-productively Maltesers have recently launched their signed and subtitled online advertising campaign, which can both troubleshoot any issues concerning volume and also increase the esteem of the company morally.

However the ability to be entertained, influenced and informed objectively is sought more pertinently from TV, thus this creative has been partially compromised.

Although not directly stemming from a license you may give to an artist or particular piece of composed, such context needs to be considered if you are too exploit the cost of buy-outs: protecting both your brand reputation and profit margins.

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