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6th December 2016

LINKEDIN Has long been heralded as a tool for growing networks, finding jobs and showcasing talents, but it should not be underestimated when looking for advice on your advertising campaigns either.

Vast degrees of research often precede the launch of a new advertising campaign as your company endeavours to reach new and existing customers.

However much of this could and should be done for free by networking and questioning your fellow professionals regarding their own experiences with advertising.

Aside from illustrating what your company and employees offer and are capable of, LinkedIn has vast depths of groups and inner forums which can present you first hand experiences, case studies and advice regarding what was and was not profitable regarding their own ventures.

Linkedin is a vital tool for networking outside of your business.
Linkedin is a vital tool for networking outside of your business.

Although businesses differ from one to the next, preliminary research and analysis can be undertaken at ease and for free at the point of entry to prepare your company for its next steps.

While many of these individual reports may be biased or distorted in some quarters, the ability to survey and examine the strengths of the companies looking to produce your next commercial is imperative.

If a company is active on such channels, more often than not they are proud and effective at what they do.

When you find an entity anonymous on such public channels or ambiguous, scepticism naturally grows as to the competency of the company in question.

Without Linkedin you rely on the integrity of the company and the success of certain TV advertising techniques from the past, not the present day.

Once a given company, technique or advertising route is appraised then progress can be made on your own campaign, saving you valuable production time and ensuring your commercial is on air as quickly, cost effectively and efficiently as possible.

Work on Linkedin can ensure that the filming on your ad can begin earlier!
Work on Linkedin can ensure that the filming of your ad can begin earlier!

Moreover such a platform is effective ostensibly as a marketing tool to your fellow professionals and potential business partners, facilitating a free additional marketing tool for your company as you look to consolidate and expand.

Once optimised your business will be a credible source of information and expertise in itself, ensuring your website and further social media outlets will receive increased impressions, engagements and outcomes.

Therefore from an e-commerce perspective Linkedin offers unparalleled benefits whether looking from an informative point of view, a CRM one or as a venture to boost market share and profits.

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