Linking your ads to TV broadcasts is vital

24th May 2017

BROADCASTS On TV and the now unyielding flexibility that VOD services provide ensures your advertising needs more collaboration than ever to succeed.

While TV remains stoic amid the onslaught from online advertising, the measurability, attribution and audience guarantees it provides, both businesses and production companies need to liaise with broadcasters more as the seek advertising nirvana.

Linear TV advertising is incorporated around broadcasts with pre-purchased spots, although the display and placement of these often varies depending on any over-selling or underselling on the media buyer’s part.

So while a degree of transparency has inherently existed within TV advertising, it has never provided a panacea to ultimately supersede the appeals of online ad placement.

TV has continued to provide businesses with unrivalled pay-back from their advertising budget, notwithstanding the brand security that underpins the perennial success of TV.

However what has lead to syphoning off some of their investment in linear TV particularly, is the now neglect it seems of producing native advertising that will compliment the broadcasts the ads are being associated with.

Ultimately online continues to improve in its metrics of display, circumventing ad-blocking software through dynamic ad insertion, as well as providing the targeted metrics that can be the conduit for instant sales and ultimately gratification.

This is fundamentally where the problem is emanating from in terms of the vicious cycle that has become endemic to a decline in awe-inspiring, encompassing TV ads.

With the increasing clamour for such instant success and results, many agencies and production companies are reticent to suggest new or innovative ideas to businesses, ensuring a culture of expedience and achieving relative success has enveloped many.

Allying your content to broadcasts in a complimentary fashion will ensure you provide the creativity to mobilise your company.
Allying your content to broadcasts in a complimentary fashion will ensure you provide the creativity to mobilise your company.

Ultimately what will serve to boost your business’ short and long-term sales output is to focus on your brand.

Consequently spending more time with the broadcasters whom you will be aligning your ads to- whether that be in linear sense, VOD, or both- will be imperative as you seek to circumvent the natural dissonance between consuming ads and being absorbed by them.

Ultimately broadcasters know they rely on advertising to exist, as a result providing fresh programming, or ameliorating the successful has long been championed.

The use of a pilot is a ubiquitous technique of ascertaining public approval of a particular show, although such principles are perilous if the marketing is not substantial.

Ultimately testimonials, awareness and evoking emotion are the mobilising factors behind the launch of a successful TV show, or advert and business in the same sense.

The overall synergy is optimised through word-of-mouth and in the zeitgeist: online targeting and sharing.

Therefore a seldom used tact in the current age needs to be exercised once more in order for your next campaign to truly penetrate wider markets and audiences.

By collaborating with broadcasters and forging a subliminal, credible creative alignment, cognitively at least you can forge increased brand awareness as well greater organic leverage.

With audiences on TV migrating to more personalised and convenient viewing, ensuring that your campaigns are program complimentary will serve to improve resonance and memorability.

However the need for broadcasters to invest in VOD friendly content has been compromised by the fall in linear ratings, ensuring investment in new projects has been curtailed.

As a result it is imperative that you utilise online to boost your TV campaign, in order for the aforementioned ad/s to deliver the upscaling, sales increases and resonation renowned with TV.

TV is now more successful thanks to the presence of online, underlining the impact collaboration and putting consumers first has and can have on your ads as they appear next to broadcasts.

Championing emotive and abstract broadcasts will ensure you steal a march on your competition, increase sales and boost online viewing.
Championing emotive and abstract broadcasts will ensure you steal a march on your competition, increase sales and boost online viewing.

People are now paying subscriptions fees for services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu in order to watch entertaining content, thus ensuring that impetus is reestablished in linear TV and VOD.

The power of VOD as an advertising entity is vast and has represented a lucrative advertising tool to businesses, however it is still greatly underused.

While overall ratings when factoring in linear TV and VOD as a collective have improved, traditional analytics focusing on just linear by Nielson have reflected a waning influence for TV.

Therefore as you seek to readdress the balance as more general means of analysing are implemented, the key is to work with broadcasters to produce material that will shape your advertising.

Of course many will still choose to consume some elements of video through streaming providers, however if you can offer the same content for free and with complimentary ads, the power of linear and VOD together will swell the overall TV market again.

Ultimately broadcasters want your ad budgets to be fed to them, thus offering to collaborate or partner through either sponsorship bumpers, or subtle brand nuances in your ads and their broadcasts will serve to immerse your business in your own branding, firmly bringing programming and advertising back to the consumer.

Space City has been producing TV, online and radio commercials for 25 years, utilising close relationships with myriad media buyers, including Guerillascope and AdStream to marry your content pertinently with the programming that will elicit responses.

Contact the team now and you can take advantage of TV advertising and its unbridled strength for less than in previous years, but with increased sales for your business.


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