Low cost TV commercials without compromise with Space City

18th November 2016

TV Commercials being produced at a low cost without compromising on quality is an ever moving goal that Space City has continued to achieve.

When investing in commercial space to boost e-commerce, interest and brand awareness Space City has innovated some of the UK’s most memorable ads.

Unearthing household names such as GoCompare and Moonpig, Space City has continued to move brands to the forefront of their market.

Moonpig saw huge returns from their low cost, Space City ad.
Moonpig saw huge returns from their low cost, Space City ad.

In addition, to drive traffic to your website and draw attention to your services, we take an autonomous approach to branding and shaping your product; from the commercial itself to our engagement on social media.

We actively engage with your clients, key influencers and potential customers to grow an organic relationship between all networks, ensuring that your commercial is delivered as a result of strong rapport between us and you, creating a natural, emotive context to the advert which is proven to be successful.

Statistically and relevantly, commercials that have been produced with rapport generation in mind, have seen remarkable success.

Sainsbury’s made £24 out of every £1 spent on its 2014 Christmas advertising campaign, with an even greater margin last year as a result of an emotive Christmas ad.

Conversely the erstwhile success of John Lewis’ campaigns have seen long term benefits to the business, not a transient upsurge with no lasting effect.

John Lewis generated returns across the entire financial year equivalent to £8 worth of profit for every pound invested in advertising, with 40 per cent of the company’s overall profit generated as a result of the ad, underlining the direct response element of the commercial illustrating effectiveness as well as the brand response.

Space City can broaden profit margins for your company regardless of your chosen direction and call to action.

We have collective in-house facilities in the form of our Davinci resolve grading and our 4k software, something our competitors cannot offer as a complete package, which not only minimises costs incurred by you, but ensures that your commercial is delivered more swiftly, efficiently and at the highest resolution quality.

In addition we do not use contractor staff, with all our production, editing and directing team all based in-house.

We stay low cost through our in-house staff and facilities.
We stay low cost through our in-house staff and facilities.

This coherence and continuity ensures that not only your budget is reduced without affecting impact, but our team are always on hand to help you in every step of the process.

Our niche of low-cost TV commercial production ensures we remain on top of market trends, notwithstanding the fact that our close partnership with the regulator, Clearcast and media buyers Guerillascope safeguards your ads chances of being broadcast to the right audience.

While Space City can provide this to you, with quality, low cost and without compromise our clear prerogative, TV is still the number one advertising medium for your company.

According to research by the IPA, brands that use paid media and TV to advertise their products see three times the effectiveness and uptake from their ad.

Meanwhile the growing rivalry between digital and TV advertising is something that should be tempered with our own philosophy: collaboration, baring in mind the reality that ads combining a TV and online impact result in a 54% increase in positive business effects, while on their own TV generates 32% effectiveness and online just 25%.

Underlining the strength of combining both the entities or the strength of TV in its own right, ensures your company is in the safest and credible hands utilise Space City and TV commercials, increasing your profit margin and brand exposure: thinking of a TV or online commercial? Call Space City.






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