Low interest rates good for your adverts

11th April 2017

INTEREST Rates have continued to remain stagnant despite inflation remaining high at 2.3%, ensuring your advertising can continue to depend on DRTV.

With the news earlier in the year that interest rates would remain at 0.5% as inflation rose to three-year highs of 2.3%, it was becoming increasingly inevitable that interest rates would have to follow suit.

However belying the all-time low levels of personal savings, the Bank of England has maintained its current stance that the economy will be more stable residing with the status quo.

While this is excellent news for your company as you desire optimum competency with your advertising, it still appears a matter of time before interest rates rise and consumers will be more spend averse.

In the meantime though, the ability DRTV (direct response TV advertising) has to stimulate your consumers into instant spending remains unceasing.

Although it will ultimately be more methodical once interest rates do rise, requiring greater due diligence with media buying and creative as you target consumers more sporadically and specifically, DRTV will survive although offering a more inclement influence.

Contemporarily though utilising this form of advertising on TV will provide your business with unparalleled levels of sales increases, allied to media buying that can appeal to companies of all sizes and resources.

Since the launch of Sky AdSmart, out of the myriad businesses who sought to target more marginal and transient audiences, 75% of them are new to TV advertising entirely.

Thus with TV carry renewed relevance and vigour for all businesses, the best chance of growing your business if you are an SME or larger business in the short term is through DRTV.

Low interest rates are safeguarding your business as you strive to keep sales high with TV.
Low interest rates are safeguarding your business as you strive to keep sales high with TV.

Brand response advertising presents your business ethos to your consumer and is the most efficient means of growing your business in the long term regardless of the fiscal pattern that may prevail.

Currently though and if you are thinking of establishing yourself within the most credible, scaled and stimulating advertising entity, DRTV could not be more perfectly timed.

With no incentive to save, thus slowing the housing market due to the lack of savings, the scope to appeal to consumers impulsive dimensions is manifest.

While admittedly this will be one of transient measure, this trend could provide the vital stimulus to your sales as you seek a more branded message thereafter.

Of course if your brand is operational on the basis of modular, DRTV success, the necessity to cut costs and move to an addressable advertising platform will be imperative as you look to maximise efficiency.

By doing so your more upscaled stimulation will be left to branded ads that are more can either follow a similar tact of media buying, or utilise the unrivalled scale and reach that linear, mass TV media buying offers.

Moreover it provides future, optimal business effects three times greater than that of online advertising, with half of all sales as a result of brand response occurring two years after the initial ad was broadcast, cementing their ability to resonate with consumers emotively.

Although less effective in the short-term, where DRTV can provide you with the attribution and transparency as you measure the success of your marketing, metrics are now emerging that can intrinsically link positive business effects to your ads.

By exploiting the digitalisation of the TV advertising market you can converge and augment your existing advertising campaigns with fresh branded and direct response TV commercials.

Utilise low interest rates and grow your inventory and sales at the same time.
Utilise low interest rates and grow your inventory and sales at the same time.

The transparency and increased relevance of TV now and more so when interest rates inevitably rise, has ironically been created by the successes of online and its ability to offer realtime attribution and analytics.

As you attempt to exploit the remaining consumer spending buoyancy, this data can enable you to target and establish your future campaigns on TV and beyond as you strive to gather further inventory.

Such information will be imperative to obtain as TV campaigns become increasingly more granular, automated and digitalised.

As a result the current advertising paradigm will change upon the belated shift to consumer saving from spending, where the need for patience as you assess KPI achievement will take precedence, meaning DRTV will take similar precedence to online as your prospect generating tool.

Interest rate rises will also ensure that your marketing budget will need to be plied more earnestly, as you exploit demographics and audiences who were previously avoided by advertisers.

Such a fiscal and fundamental advertising shift can still ensure 2017 and beyond remains buoyant and fruitful for your company, but maximising scale and prospecting new audiences with more branded content will be paramount.

Space City has been producing DRTV, BRTV, online and radio adverts for 25 years, ensuring that instant sales increases have reached as much as 140%.

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