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5th December 2016

LOWER Advertising costs are difficult when attempting to continually develop brand awareness and reach, with Space City you can rein those costs in.

Having recently acquired and implemented Davinci grading software as a cornerstone of our commercial production, the company now has state-of-the-art facilities in-house ensuring your company has not got to spend more for the same impact.

By optimising the picture quality and clarity of your commercials, Space City can ensure that your ad in whatever context will deliver its message in a more aesthetically pleasing and clarified fashion, ensuring your brand message speaks volumes.

In an age where consumer trust is waning, the imperative need to readdress this through storytelling has entered the forefront of marketer’s minds.

The success of implementing this strategy has been successful with major corporations, those who have the budgets and means to ensure this campaign is delivered with quality.

If though you are a SME or company reticent to spend to much of your budget on a commercial or advertising campaign of some kind, then Space City have mitigated all such concerns.

By having offices and studios in Manchester and London, notwithstanding our access to the Davinci grading, in-house staff and strong relationships with advertising regulator, Clearcast, we can deliver you the complete cost-effective logistical package without compromise.

Our close relationships and industry rapport ensure that we always deliver lower costs than competitors.
Our close relationships and industry rapport ensure that we always deliver lower costs than competitors.

Therefore if your company is already framed to the possibility of pursuing TV advertising Space City has the package that delivers, however if you are cynical of the impact of TV and the cost-effectiveness of this mechanism, it should be noted that utilising this route generates greater brand awareness.

Less than half of consumers trust brand advertising, therefore the most pertinent mechanism of accruing that trust once more is through selling your company personally to the consumer: through persistence, consistency and honesty, integrity will be reestablished, ensuring TV advertising can flourish in tandem with the businesses it is serving.

By utilising TV, not only can more specific audiences be targeted through the latest analytic metrics, but the time that is needed to implement such a strategy.

With online the ability to skip ads, or the emphasis on the concentration of ads to limit their brand response, as appose to growing it ensures that any budget dedicated to this metric is predominantly wasted.

The ability for users to dictate their interaction with ads will lower your ad's reach.
The ability for users to dictate their interaction with ads will lower your ad’s reach.

Expectations of adverts were more rigid before the rise of digital and audience consumption was more predictable, however given the growing variability of people’s lives, viewing habits and interests. advertising has gone full circle and requires a new trend to dominate the sector.

Honesty has been lapse amidst the diversification of marketing and more pertinently, low cost marketing and advertising.

Therefore in order to deliver an advert high on long-term impact, instant growth calibre and durability, the need to maximise the technology and creative talents that are on hand a Space City are crucial to lowering your advertising costs.

Paying for low-cost online ads will ultimately deliver concurrent results to that of your investment given its variability; with TV though you have a lasting medium that is diversifying once more to deliver you a successful, lower cost investment without compromise.




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