Making the perfect response advert

10th October 2017

Advertising has become increasingly modular, segmented and targeted, with brand authority declining, making the perfect response advert has become increasingly fraught

MAKING Perfect advertising is an ideal that is fraught with transient exterior effects, but with response key, there are myriad elements in your control.

Planning your display, broadcast and efficiency

From the planning process of your advertising creative, to your media buying, your business’s prerogative should be a constantly evolving one, with an interface that embodies flexibility and data exploitation.

Within an age of collaboration it is imperative that your business replicates this philosophy when looking to improve your own data pools, notwithstanding the organic online exposure you can generate.

The effectiveness of your advertising can be optimised even on linear TV within the current age.

Online is no longer the monolith that it has been perceived as; TV is evolving, VOD services are becoming increasingly ubiquitous and accessible, ensuring that the USP of accountability and actionability is redundant.

Thus making lucrative direct response advertising campaigns is now easier, accountable and actionable – traits lacking within linear TV in the past.

While not available in ubiquity, innovations from companies like VideoAmp – where graphics, visuals and location specific information can augment generic ads – have transformed how ads are displayed to consumers.

From the perspective of display altogether, advertising on TV and VOD have never been better equipped to deliver addressable, interactive and programmatic campaigns that can optimise your commercials autonomously.

Rather than just paying for broadcast time in the past – which could offer scale, but no actionability – you can ensure that if you operate differing creatives on different channels, the worst performing creative will be utilised on your ad with the least amount of spend attached to it.

Making adverts to suit a more digital consumer base ensures you can boost response and produce more efficient ads.
Making adverts to suit a more digital consumer base ensures you can boost response and produce more efficient ads.

While through more addressable means, you can ensure of more search specific triggers that ensure of complimentary alignment of your ads to content.

As a result, once action has been taken by the consumer in the wake of your ad, you can reassess your placement to compliment both your business capacity and new consumers you have not advertised to before.

Creating the perfect advertising creative

Ultimately your business is stronger and better equipped when working in collaboration with your online output, therefore when making your adverts, tailoring your ads to showcase your online channels, ease of access and versatility ensures your reach can swell.

In order to reflect these values from a production perspective there are myriad things you need to ensure you implement.

With direct response advertising it is imperative that you showcase your products, offers and brand – do not sell it through persuasion.

In an increasingly convenience driven response market, making an advert that seeks to persuade will statistically underperform and be ignored by the consumer.

To improve indexing and the chances of more prolific responses you have to optimise the showcase, by accentuating the techniques that ensure of memorability.

Ensuring that transitions, breaks and pauses dominate your ad is integral, while delivering them in a fashion that is symmetrical with any accompanying music and graphics will maximise attention span and the emotive resonance elicited.

A pre-requisite of any response advertising creative should be to instil sync-sound.

If your ad features a live-action-shoot – which is preferential when looking to create instant, organic resonance – for the purpose of eliciting responses it is imperative that you have spoken dialogue that reflects the emotion you are attempting to convey.

When making new ads it is imperative that your actors speak within the live-action-shoot.
When making new ads it is imperative that your actors speak within the live-action-shoot.

Only 8% of the persuasion within a consumer’s mind is delivered through words alone; the delivery of them and body language of your chosen actors ensures of the optimisation of the remainder.

Utilising music to drive your advert is also a key metric of success, but in terms of editing this is where the quality and knowledge of your production company can leverage further sales success.

Unlike a brand awareness campaign where music can drive your creative, with direct response it needs to set the tone of your ad – not dominate it.

In terms of embedding additional graphics, subtitles, legal text and other after effects, it it imperative that you have the consumer journey in mind when looking to implement them.

Given the lack of access disabled consumers have to advertising, it is essential that you provide shortcuts; tools that assist with navigation and aids that can improve the consumer journey.

Promotions would be a start; having TV specific discount codes that can be voice activated online, as well as over the phone.

Moreover, utilising QR codes that can be scanned to direct your consumers to specific pages exclusive to the product or promotion you are advertising, will ensure of more accessible advertising.

Without the need to access multiple sites or use differing devices you have the ability to circumvent issues that have blighted consumers in the past.

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