Market volatility and transience should be cause for investment

15th November 2016

MARKET Trends continue to remain as transient in their behaviour as ever accentuating the business uncertainty regarding Brexit.

However amidst such mistrust and turbulence with currency strength, inflation and stock markets, leaving marketing all together at such a time is veritable suicide.

With the erstwhile clamour for certainty and assurance consumers desire lacking, the tendency would be for those in question to save, however which such miserly interest rates there remains no incentive in this context.

Market uncertainty has spread to consumers, this can change with emotive advertising.
Market uncertainty has spread to consumers, this can change with emotive advertising.

To mobilise the marketing industry and consumer engagement trends, brand awareness has never been more prevalent when building rapport with your target audience as you look to assert awareness prior to the new year.

While direct response mechanisms will be harder to elicit from customers it is by no means impossible despite the market uncertainty.

This trait is still evoking 1.4 times the response rate of any other advertising medium according to research by fast.Map, however to maximise this the need to add emotion and the context that comes with that is imperative to succeeding in current times.

Without the contextual awareness when broadcasting your commercial, such messages could elicit detrimental responses to the ad, wasting the investment that has been made into the medium.

While TV remains a mainstay in terms of instant brand awareness generation, as well as coaxing an instant call to action from the consumer, the need to create rapport and an emotional reliance on the product or service from the consumer is vital to maintaining awareness during times of strife.

By neglecting such consistency with brand strategy and emotive bonding implementation with consumers, not only will the markets potentially suffer through the lack of stability, but future forecast’s will be adversely affected, creating a longterm vacuum of industry deflation.

Of course it would be erroneous and futile to simply invest your company through the Brexit negotiations, but by drastically reducing commercial spend will result in further reductions of consumer confidence, heralding further difficulties in the long term.

Money needs to be invested wisely during market uncertainty.
Money needs to be invested wisely during market uncertainty.

This form of commercial quantitive easing needs to be used to maintain consumers buoyant spending habits during this final quarter and beyond, thus cushioning the impact of any inflation rises if and when a Brexit strategy is disclosed.

Fundamentally it is striking a balance that ensures planning your ads in such a way that maintains constant brand awareness after an initial direct response, rather than relying on the strength of a single campaign.

This is something we specialise in at Space City, by generating rapport with clients, consumers and actors, notwithstanding the post production process where we utilise our state-of-the-art in-house facilities, we can produce a commercial which is financially, emotionally and logistically of ease.



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