Mass market TV advertising can still grow

19th January 2017

MASS Market TV advertising will continue to grow as the cornerstone of multi-platform marketing.

Amidst the up-scaling of online advertising and the growth of innovative new means of TV advertising, generic advertising  has been tipped to descend sharply.

Given the ability to quantify and ultimately gauge the success of addressable, interactive and programmatic subjectively, mass-market advertising carries difficulty in quantifying which markets are most receptive to them.

Notwithstanding the rigid analytic metrics that linear TV has had over the course of time, concerning mainly social demographics and gender, mass marketing’s justification in terms of leads per pound spent is weaker.

However given the ability to calibrate an ultimately online derived metric of targeting particular audiences for addressable, the means to make mass TV accountable in an age where heads’ of marketing have been amass with easily digestible data is imperative.

Ultimately this has to take the form of anecdotal evidence of previous success, however when it is not niche or industry specific, brands are becoming reticent.

Mass-marketing is attempting to match the clarity of addressable.
Mass-marketing is attempting to match the clarity of addressable.

Major corporations have not strayed from this means of marketing, especially during the continuing success of the Christmas market period.

Success has been profound on investment; it is a larger investment, but has and will yield results given the continuing dependability of TV with consumers.

In addition when attempting to source individuals who may never have been aware of your services previously, targeted advertising delivers a ceiling on success.

Some industries which are so niche and industry specific will flourish through addressable advertising campaigns on TV, in particular corporate services amidst Brexit.

Mass market advertising is not a means of success for business in general, but at a time where awareness is multi-media based, the need to ascend above potential competition can only be achieved quickly through TV.

The continuation of advertising generically has developed in tandem with new innovations.

Allying cognitive based techniques to improving the efficiency of TV advertising is delivering more contextually appeasing ads.

Some mass market ads in the past have been hit through rejection as a result of either poor broadcast times, or the language used being too objective.

But the growing ability to mitigate that through ironically online based innovations underlines the co-dependancy of both entities.

TV as a stand alone platform of advertising continues to out-perform online by 50% in terms of overall future engagement and brand awareness, however immediate sales can rise by four times that of online ads.

Ultimately if your company offers a product or service that can be purchased or carry relevance to all then the long term benefits of mass advertising are unparalleled.

Addressable is growing and in a world where accountability has been easier to ascertain, online has bestowed a tool upon marketing chiefs they will be unwilling to relinquish.

The nuances of Brexit and stimulant this offers software companies, the service and science industry chances to establish relevant addressable advertising is tangible.

However the gross initial cost of mass TV advertising and lack of immediate accountably should not deter from the pursuit of profit.

Advertising towards the mass market delivers countless huge financial gains.
Advertising towards the mass market delivers countless huge financial gains.

At a time where choice is generated-between targeted and mass-market advertising, the opportunity to differentiate from your competitors will create organic competition through the contrasting media buying patterns.

Essentially the choice is one of budget and your given market: TV can be bought at lower costs, but the reach will be derived from one of targeted.

Therefore it is in the interest of either existing larger SMEs’ and start-ups that need to rely on traditional mass-marketing, smaller or niche enterprises’ it is of whether your service or product has wider appeal.

In the UK market at least addressable will grow more buoyantly than our European neighbours, due to the increased corporate competition.

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