Mastering direct response: Our 5 tips

13th December 2016

MASTERING the art of direct response advertising is something that is become ever more prevalent amidst the economic volatility.

Key factors which are imperative to delivering a direct response campaign successfully have been neglected in some quarters, but is not surprising given the difficulty that engulfs planning broadcast.

Firstly and something that can often be misleading to the consumer engaging with your brand, would be installing a clear call-to-action.

If your desired engagement mechanism is to interact via a consumer visiting the website, it is imperative that your website is tailored to enable ease of usage.

In addition should your website not have clear direction to your desired pages, you have potentially wasted the purpose of the advert; more so if you are an SME without an established brand platform.

Clear direction for your consumers is vital to mastering DRTV.
Clear direction for your consumers is vital to mastering DRTV.

Therefore your call-to-action should be developed with access and usability in mind, not just to engage people with their impulses and neglect the conversion.

Secondly when baring in mind your call-to-action, your company should be actively pursuing the purchase of air time which coincides with the majority of your audience’s pay day.

This will ensure that impulse decisions by your potential consumers are not influenced by mitigating factors, namely budgeting for the next month, simple lack of finance or having engaged with other competitor ads previously.

Moreover attempting to broadcast earlier in the week has also seen remarkable benefits, in part due to the greater quantity of finance available to the consumer at this point.

Thirdly in order to create clear transparency between your business, brand and consumer, the need to ensure the potential customer’s destination is entirely subjective is key.

Thus to safeguard this it is pertinent not to have multiple destinations which could create a choice in the decision making process; with the point of the ad one of eliciting an impulse reaction from the consumer, clouding that impulse with choice is detrimental to conversions and engagement.

Therefore in this instance less is more, but such clarity in the destination of the consumer must be tempered with the language and subjectivity that enables zero doubt in their minds.

Such a point brings the list into the fourth dimension and the need to apply a heavy emphasis on emotive language, if your company is to continue mastering direct response in 2017 and beyond.

By presenting a product as it is, relevance to the consumer can be difficult to create especially if it is a breakthrough product or concept.

Therefore by immersing the consumer in personal pronouns and emotive language that resonates with them directly, will cement your ad’s credibility and importance to the consumer in that moment.

If your audience feels their life is immediately enhanced by your product or service, they are far more likely to engage with it, especially if they can get instant gratification from it.

Finally and probably most importantly is the need for your company to situate your ad in the correct context.

Mastering DRTV cannot be achieved through poor contextual broadcasting.
Mastering DRTV cannot be achieved through poor contextual broadcasting.

This is generally obvious in terms of when you produce your advert within a certain industry, however it is at the point of releasing your ad for broadcast that critical and  terminal errors are made regarding the ad.

If for instance you are promoting a brand of home insurance for instance, but are having your debut broadcast during a programme looking into people being made homeless, you could be perceived as an insensitive company.

By creating a poor brand image from the offset you face a near impossible task recuperating that through the services on offer.

Overall to ensure your company is mastering the direct response ad a strong contextual knowledge of your audience, when you are broadcasting and your desired conversions are imperative to executing campaign efficiently.

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