Mental health awareness key to advertising

2nd October 2017

Advertising may be focused around appeasing the unimpaired, but ensuring of mental health and disability awareness is key to advertising and wider business success

MENTAL Health awareness and assistance is continually improving in wider society, but within advertising it remains ostracised and neglected.

Although now firmly in the public domain, the issues regarding both mental health and an understanding of it are consistently ignored in both national and international advertising.

Despite the overall domestic statistics regarding both physical and mental disability, with one in four people suffer from a form of mental illness during their life, notwithstanding the 13 million people who live disabilities, the economic and societal effects are manifest without an intervention of advertising.

Much like contemporary programming, soap operas and certain realistic/pseudo-realistic films, the responsibility of advertising as a whole to entertain those who suffer with such inhibitions, as well as enlighten the wider public to such strife is imperative.

Advertising expedites innovation.

At such a time where visibility is so vast on and offline; where access to a surfeit of businesses is tangible, your business can no longer rely on traditional means of consumer courtship.

Before the age of mass media advertising across TV, online and mobile, your business would have to resort to advertising within the print media or outdoors; the reliance on testimonials too was manifest as growth and credibility were sought.

With difficulty came the clamour for innovation; the product and its benefits ensured of commercial success, in an age where technology as exonerated your business from such simplistic means of advertising, you have the tools to appeal to every and any user directly, but it has to be inclusive, reflective and empowering.

Only 15% of the sales that could be elicited from those who suffer from mental health problems are so, with advertising creatives, actors and their delivery perpetuating a former consensus.

Mental health awareness is imperative to lifting the morale of consumers as you advertise.
Mental health awareness is imperative to lifting the morale of consumers as you advertise.

In order for your business to maximise its potential it must first ensure that efforts are made to reflect the society you are advertising to.

Furthermore given the facilitation of expedited innovation, increased productivity; the incentive to deliver more as a result of more targeted, specific and empowering advertising, the lack of effort to conciliate and represent people of all backgrounds, abilities and impairments is inexplicable.

Given the lack of £249 billion annual economic black hole that has been self imposed by the complicity of both businesses and advertisers, both wider society and your business could benefit immeasurably from the empowerment of the ostracised.

Through generating awareness you will inherently improve both the overall morale and expenditure of those previously neglected by advertising, ensuring of both intrinsic and macro-benefits to your business as a result of the wider improvements to economic productivity.

Cash rich economies are ultimately buoyant ones, thus by having essentially wasted money which could be filtered into your business and others, you can foster increased capital and success as a consequence of overall economic success.

Trust has gradually been haemorrhaged from advertising and businesses amid the increased use of cheaper, more response driven means of consumer interaction, have seen a decline in efficiency and trust.

Thankfully within both TV and online, steps are continually being made to address this issue; promoting the interests of both advertising entities that can ensure of the long-term strength of your business.

Ultimately honesty, transparency and emotion will steer your business towards the success that will boost your company and the wider economy, but it takes a proactive mind, not necessarily the more reactive minds that have plagued advertising contemporarily.

Ensuring of mental health awareness will deliver guaranteed economic benefits for you.
Ensuring of mental health awareness will deliver guaranteed economic benefits for you.

Thus proposing quotas within your advertising campaigns; pledges that look to address the failings that continue to blight the wider advertising and societal spectrum, ensuring that representation is just and the media can help you to promote the disparity of fairness in advertising.

Empowering those with mental and physical disabilities within commercials will ensure trust, resonance and credibility in your advertising and wider society can be restored.

Although other factors have not helped: opaque placement with YouTube and Facebook, display amidst fake news, lack of credibility of certain ad styles, credibility is restored through actions, reputation and ethical conduct.

In the past when businesses have looked to celebrate and laud issues that have left consumer morale low, they have enjoyed remarkable business improvements, as well as being responsible for eliciting societal improvements too.

If you choose to further the credibility of your business through TV or other forms of advertising you increase your sales elicitation by 70%.

Dove for instance doubled the levels of faith in women’s own bodies as a result of their eponymous campaign.

Space City has been producing TV, online and radio adverts for 25 years, working with casting agencies to improve the representation of all in advertising.

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