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11th September 2017

Advertising is becoming continuously easier to converge omni-platform, ensuring you avoid industry dogma and merge your efforts is easy and lucrative

MERGE Advertising output and ensure your business is liberated from the ulterior forces that will only serve to stymie your impact and flexibility.

Although great strides have been made to remove certain barriers that businesses face as they look to find a true advertising panacea, dogmatic complicity has continued to plague some businesses.

While agency share deals should be a construct of the past in a bid to boost response, memorability and publicity, the lack of individual, targeted optimisation in a world where brand has never been so easily personalised is not permissible.

Although popular in securing overall volume and favourable timings in terms of scale, volume of reach and value for money, efficiency, measurability and customisation is inherently inhibited.

At a time where the ability to merge all your advertising creatives is abundant, with VideoAmp offering you the chance to match your audiences from other platforms, providing an actionable, transparent advertising solution and CRM optimiser.

With such pre-loaded and rigid advertising solutions, the lack of actionability and guarantee of data-driven, relevant reach, ensures that you are fostering stagnation and wasting the evolving benefits of omni-platform derived TV advertising.

Although not prudent in a sense of using some branded creatives within platforms that do not compliment your consumers cognitively, ensuring that you provide a congruent, chronological consumer journey utilising TV is imperative.

While the disruptive and search derived metrics of online may seem to provide the most cost-effective means of accruing new consumers, the lack of emotive resonance instilled through online initially compromises the efficiency of your advertising.

Joining forces with and ensuring you merge your data and content omni-platform, will provide the most lucrative results.
Joining forces with and ensuring you merge your data and content omni-platform, will provide the most lucrative results.

Ensuring that you merge all of your advertising in an intuitive fashion is integral to ensuring that you can optimise your future scale, targeting and display.

Although the days of mass-placed linear TV advertising is not over, undertaking such a campaign with such a lack of flexibility and adjustability inherently impairs your ability to alter ads and their placement; even if you are aware of it through the analytics now available within TV.

Moreover given that programmatic is no longer just a flawed online advertising concept, but a lucrative and revolutionary TV advertising solution, the incentive to consent to agency share deals is virtually nill.

Any cost savings compared to a traditional linear campaign will be negated by the lack of interchangeability and versatility, while purchasing any upfront air time should be more of an objective and autonomous decision.

Given the ability for many companies – including Space City – to provide complete all-service care, the need to spend your budget on using separate entities is obsolete.

The segmentation is based on a steadfast commitment to your ad budget, with a complete lack of flexibility.

If you have a situation where you could begin to save money through optimising separate placement times, you do not have that option with agency share deals.

Although you may have internal KPIs that need to be met as apart of your strategy, turning to specialist agencies who cannot provide you with the preeminent flexibility is ultimately a  fallacy of their representation.

Any agency or production company that does not focus either scripting, casting, filming, editing or placing a commercial around targeted, converged metrics that merge your advertising output is failing to fulfill any commitment it may be making to you.

An insular approach to advertising will only serve to inhibit your sales, if you merge various platforms you can improve memorability.
An insular approach to advertising will only serve to inhibit your sales, if you merge various platforms you can improve memorability.

With the usage of omni-advertising that can situate across all your platforms ensures that retention can be secured, both your brand presence and response leverage is optimised.

Ultimately even this form of addressability on a singular level does not yield the level of optimisation or correlations you desire, competition is such that you do not need to settle for dogma and monopoly.

Utilising online only for instance limits your ability to enchant your consumers emotionally, ensuring your spend will be more intense and prolific as a result of a lack of memorability.

Facebook and Google currently do not allow third-party appraisal of their data-sources: such self-regulation and lack of mandatory accountability, condemns many businesses to falling victim to deception at the hands of unscrupulous conglomerates.

The underpinnings of lucrative and mobilising advertising is competition and transparency: Facebook and Google continue to persist with opacity.

Through a merge of your data and targeting you can ensure of tangible analytical literacy and actionability, ensuring that the dogma and metanarratives of the past no longer have to stifle your company; this is the age of the business and consumer.

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