Music in your ads will boost ROI

20th February 2017

MUSIC Has unparalleled prowess of amplifying your business and ensuring you enjoy optimum ROI.

TV and online ads have been analysed for their effectiveness- in terms of creative resonation, empathy, informative traits, as well as emotive- ensuring that the industry has an unambiguous insight into what strikes a chord with your potential consumers.

Universally, ads that have a form of musical base or jingle situated within it result in a far more receptive viewer.

When emotion solely forms the cornerstones of your commercial, long-term effectiveness is boosted by up to 140%, in comparison to ads that merely focus on persuading and informing the consumer.

Ally this innate strength to music, which in itself contains immense emotive properties, and your campaign has maximum emotional power to resonate with viewers and ultimately boost long-term growth.

In terms of the informative traits of a commercial, the prerogative of your business should be to combine both informative and emotive tone together.

Some of the most successful ads of all time feature either a well know piece of music, or customised jingle.

Music is a supplement you cannot afford to omit from your advertising.
Music is a supplement you cannot afford to omit from your advertising.

Although the customised jingle does not always assist with initial sales uptake, use of a contemporary or popular song transcends the success of the ad to something that can no longer be easily forgotten.

The song itself focuses the viewer to the content that is being advertised, therefore to maximise the acoustics of what you are displaying is imperative towards optimising every spot paid for.

With TV offering the most dependable, highest resolution and effective display, to maximise music in an increasingly digital era may seem counter-productive considering a bespoke platform-Youtube- already exists.

However given the lack of exploitation of businesses to utilise their TV-native content online, the scope is manifest for your business to maximise complete autonomy with advertising.

Firstly, the fact that the vast majority of all consumed video remains on TV at 87%, but all of the most shared ads of the last year-with the exception of the John Lewis ad- were online native, is a damning indictment on the industry for not encouraging the production of content to situate omni-platform.

Secondly this would provide increased data sources to ascertain the platforms that perform most efficiently for you, in terms of cost-per-conversion and ROI.

Finally though it would ultimately reduce your advertising costs at a production level, with the versions, or style of shoot necessary to produce a far more streamlined selection of ads more linear.

Therefore whether you are a business that is looking to extract the maximum from TV advertising for as little as possible, or willing to invest larger media buying budgets towards growth, music is imperative to your advertising ensemble.

Ultimately the most effective long-term ads are brand response TV ads, which would lend themselves to a more personalised jingle or piece of background music, however if you are budget limited you could find brand response more accessible.

Greater costs are incurred through purchasing the broadcast rights to a popular or contemporary song, however the initial increase in sales is stark.

Therefore using such a tactic would be encouraged for an existing brand that has utilised advertising before and has an established identity.

Utilising well-known artists within your ad's music can assist already erstwhile names continue growing.
Utilising well-known artists within your ad’s music can assist already erstwhile names continue growing.

Original composition should be the tact taken to grow challenger brands or SME’s, which can be pertinent in focusing the minds of your consumers towards the emotive content displayed.

Thus to truly extract the maximum from your advertising budget, utilising music in the correct context of your budget and company position is vital to your ad’s efficiency and your own accountability.

It is proven in all guises to improve cost-effectiveness and sales increases, therefore dovetailing this to enhance, not distract from your emotive based advertising will lend itself to online.

By exploiting a grossly underused trait of advertising, your business could be the next viral success with TV as its stimulus.

Space City have been producing adverts with their own originally composed music, thanks to its other guise as a music company.

Maximising this and the in-house facilities that enhance the very reasons why TV is the success it is: clarity, trust and entertainment, will deliver a campaign that reaches unprecedented levels of success.

Contact the team now and you can experience your own bespoke TV advertising composition that can all-but guarantee success.



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