Music keeps your advertising in tune with consumers

9th August 2018

Advertising needs a jingle to keep in rhythm with consumers, but why is music a necessity for any marketing campaign?

MUSIC Provides a lucrative solution for any advertising or marketing issue; leverage it properly and you can strengthen your entire business, as a result.

Whether you are thinking of producing a radio, TV, or online advertising production, your business can use the attention span needed for musical ads to leverage your entire inbound and outbound marketing output.

From both a brand and response perspective, your ads need to be watched at least five times invariably to be remembered, but through the cognitive traits associated with listening to music, you can ensure this process is expedited – improving the potency of, and ROI from, campaigns.

Why is music so effective?

When looking to mobilise your call-to-action, or just improve brand recognition, the repetitive and creative tendencies associated with musical jingles offer cost-effective advertising solutions.

If applied in a fashion where lyrics replicate the actions or graphics being illustrated on screen, memorability increases by an average of 14 per cent.

With what is essentially a double dosage of your brand, you can leverage this further by applying these principles to your desired consumer actions.

If, for instance, you want your consumers to call your business, having this direct suggestion placed before the consumer in visual and audible form, will accentuate the metrics of your ads that serve to boost memorability and response in tandem.

TV Advertisement for Moonpig was effective through its use of the showcase
Showcasing how you want your consumers to engage with your ads is imperative as you seek to produce effective TV ads with music.

Through using an older, existing jingle, you can strengthen your chances of instant response, thanks to the trust inhabited in the familiarity of the tune exhibited.

However, utilising an original jingle exclusively for your business will also be extremely effective.

While it may not carry immediate resonance and memorability, it does, however, ensure that your track can be used in perpetuity if created by an in-house composer, which could save on royalty costs, in comparison to an existing track already synonymous with popular culture.

How to utilise music properly and what techniques to avoid

Although effective when used at the forefront of your advertising campaigns, it can be detrimental to your advertising if a jingle is used in a passive or secondary sense.

For both product memory and specific ad details, memorability and response declined, but was particularly prevalent where brand knowledge was concerned.

As you look to be recognised on other media outlets, it is crucial that the demand generator, TV, engrains brand in the most efficient and unequivocal fashion possible.

Therefore, if you have a jingle in the background, but it does not tally with the onscreen graphics, dialogue or context, your ads will not have the focus necessary to improve ROI from your overall marketing output – weakening brand.

If your music immerses consumers in your brand, directly addresses consumers and utilises high levels of human interaction, you will ensure that KPIs can be optimised on other platforms – should your business utilise addressable or interactive TV to begin with.

Leveraging your music to boost brand resonance and engagement on social media

Social media and online in general has not been able to generate the brand awareness that TV has in the past, but with attention taken to boost resonance and response in equal measure, you can ensure that you bely the usual trend that sees TV eliciting poor online engagement.

Compared with the conversations generated offline, TV adverts endure weak engagement across social – how can this change?

33 per cent of all media-driven interactions are stimulated by TV, yet for interactions that lead to sales in physical stores, that figure stands at 45 per cent.

TV advertising production company, Space City deliver cost-effective TV commercial for Lifestyle Bids
Your social media output needs to reflect TV more to induce conversation and engagement from music.

Immersing your consumers in the music that accompanies your ad is key if you are to exploit its power omni-platform.

The consistency of experience when users engage with your content and marketing is stymied by consumer choice, individual viewing preferences and the diversity of the medium.

With TV, radio or cinema, for instance, someone is completely focused on the medium in question and not distracted by exterior influences.

A way of circumventing these issues would be to stipulate that an incentive can only be utilised through complete ad consumption – something that will ensure of increased brand awareness and knowledge of what your business actually offers.

Offering a proposition that involves the complete attention of consumers — for instance a competition — can ensure of complete ad consumption, which will also improve the reliability of your data and trust in your adverts online, given consumer familiarity with your TV advertising.

Music, therefore, will underscore your entire output, ensuring that associations are built through tone, physical words and audio – allowing you to also use the overall concept in outdoor advertising, too.

Space City has been producing TV, online and radio commercials for more than 25 years, initially trading as a music company, while still composing original scores to augment to all advertising and marketing avenues.

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