Native advertising crucial to sales

26th April 2018

Native advertising is dominating the sales success enjoyed by myriad businesses across the country, but how can you optimise it?

NATIVE Advertising is imperative as your business looks to increase sales and harvest data ethically in a post-GDPR era – regardless of the platform.

As you look to optimise your creative campaigns to suit consumer bases that engage using a breadth of technological interfaces, the need for more consumer knowledge is pivotal to your TV and other video campaigns too.

Although online has been easily optimised to ascertain whether KPIs have been met, with TV, the nascent technological advances have ensured that targeting, measuring and adjusting campaigns to maximise ROI in realtime has entered the mainstream.

While the depth of data on offer still lags behind the depth accrued through online adverts, TV has now provided the perfect nirvana for a successful advertising platform.

Of course, online is imperative as your business seeks to compel specific consumers to utilise your services or products at specific times, with the native opportunities available to create personal and specific campaigns that eliminate wastage and boost ROI.

TV now has the same capabilities. Your business does not necessarily have to neglect TV when creating more personalised campaigns.

Having data regarding the devices that are being used to consume the adverts is now a reality, while knowledge of where and how something was viewed is increasingly becoming commonplace.

The ultimate takeaway is collaboration and augmentation, as appose to running simple, linear campaigns, delivering any campaign with how viewers are going to consume the ad, will assist with memorability and resonance.

Connected TV advertising production showcase
Complimenting consumer desires through native advertising will allow for more instant affirmation.

With this knowledge improving your CRM and other outbound marketing channels, it can also assist your TV campaigns.

Programmatic TV advertising has facilitated more cost-effective advertising solutions, while when considering the increased leverage of native adverts, your business can improve the short-term effectiveness of brand response commercials, while also benefitting the multiplier effect and conversation about your business.

TV is inherently more social as a platform compared to online, but both are vitally important to your business in the era of convergence.

As you look to create advertisements that can be used across all platforms, utilising video should be a prerequisite of any advertising direction.

With TV becoming ever-more compatible with online, creating adverts that can be delivered in a brand context to suit the ways in which you want your consumers to access your services is key.

Successful native advertising campaigns online have utilised the media device where the campaign was viewed to create further personalisation, but this can add further affirmation to your TV ads.

As you analyse who has consumed your ad and when, you can adjust your media spend to block certain screens being serviced again by your ads – crucial for direct response adverts that need instant ROI.

If you play the same creative with less personal similarities, you will struggle to strike the same resonance.

The boosting of efficiency and lowering of overall costs has been the pattern that continues to permeate throughout the TV advertising sphere, yet overall spending in it has stagnated.

Spending on Facebook ads and online as a whole has continued to grow vastly, yet the ROI for businesses has been wanting in comparison to the consistently effective means of generating short and long-term sales that is TV.

Therefore making your adverts more appeasing to a more cross-platform, social consumer-base is key.

In the same manner by which you would conciliate mobile users to your ad through incorporating that device into your ad, through TV you can include more than just users watching something on TV.

Encouraging your consumers to engage through native ads will broaden your appeal from a multiplier and response perspective.
Encouraging your consumers to engage through native ads will broaden your appeal from a multiplier and response perspective.

Tablets being used; lap tops; mobile itself and of course the traditional channel will assist with leveraging more consumers to the channels they use at their convenience.

This understanding can ensure your creatives refrain from alienating or offering no reliability to consumers.

With online as a whole, you can use element of your TV campaign to create a more immersive experience that is bespoke to specific users.

Having the knowledge of what creatives compelled consumers to engage with your brand and when, will boost your CRM and help create more defined and granular KPIs for your increasingly interactive TV adverts.

Knowing that certain consumers will no longer need to see your advert, moving to programmatic TV will boost memorability, but also save your business money – improving on the already incontrovertible prowess that TV as a whole offers your business.

Such native adverts need to be deployed on TV, as much as online, for you to exploit the virtue that TV offers, which is not present online: communication.

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