New businesses need TV to grow

9th February 2017

NEW Businesses can never compete with the marketing budgets of their more established rivals: it is TV though that got them there in the first place.

Historically TV has forever grown start-ups, SMEs and major brands, however the cost of mass media buying or specific periods of media time has proved costly.

More often than not the risks did pay dividends and with production companies and buyers who could situate your commercial correctly, growth was cultivated for the long term.

However amid the sharp rise in consumption of the new media, digital advertising and online exclusive commercials, seemingly more attractive avenues had been opened in terms of cost-effectiveness and measurability of success.

Given the data driven nature of online, the algorithms that have been increasingly used within the back-walls of online interfaces, establishing cookies to coordinate and retarget those who may be interested in their products or services, accountability and realtime measurability has been improved vastly.

Amidst this increase in online consumption, TV has remained resolute and strong in the face of the marketshare onslaught.

Effectiveness has only improved, with online acting as means of amplifying the initial impact of a TV ad.

The new media has enhanced TV as a medium and improved accessibility.
The new media has enhanced TV as a medium and improved accessibility.

Scale has always been an element of online which it has failed to surmount compared to TV.

Given that overall TV enjoys more than twice the scale of online, despite the continued consumption and diversification of the new media, underlines the fact that TV is imperative to brands at all levels.

More pertinently to new businesses though, or burgeoning ones, is the fact that in the face of increased competition TV has had to develop and mimic to a degree what has made online so successful.

By delivering content which can be instantly measured, accounted for and have the ability to understand why audiences interact with ads and how, has transcended TV into a fresh realm of relevance.

Conversely this ability to pin-point specific audiences that will find resonance with your products or services, has facilitated savings in ad-spend and a more cost effective process of buying media.

Furthermore by deploying such an approach for your own company you are removing the threat of lost impressions, TV spots which represent essentially wasted money.

Of course mass media buying which is centred around saturating the market, still carries extraordinary relevance to companies with a larger existing float of cash.

The benefits of are great in terms of scale and enchanting the minds of those who may not be in your initial target demographic.

However those ultimately who have resisted TV advertising previously have desired to save on costs, as well as improving accountability.

Given the growth in measurability and the granular nature of data offered in new iterations of TV advertising, it has once again become relevant and accessible to new and burgeoning firms.

Since the inception of Sky AdSmart, 75 per cent of their business has come from companies new to TV, underlining the increasing accessibility of TV to all once more.

New innovations from TV have led to fresh impetus and savings for businesses to advertise.
New innovations from TV have led to fresh impetus and savings for businesses to advertise.

Therefore by allying cost-effective, accountable TV campaigns to subsequent online material that can track and maintain engagement, autonomous campaigns are accessible to all.

Fundamentally TV is the most effective form of advertising, so if budget allows, mass brand awareness advertising is the most effective tool of generating long-term sales increases and ROI.

Therefore the need to utilise services from professionals who can deliver a campaign that maximises the beneficial nuances of TV is imperative.

Space City has been producing award-winning TV ads for 25 years and has won more commissions than any company since 2001.

Having evolved with the new media to deliver campaigns suitable to maximise TV and beyond, the company now boasts state-of-the-art DaVinci Grading software in-house.

This enables Hollywood quality graphics and special effects at prices accessible to any budget, with savings and time passed onto your business so you can get your ad on TV more quickly and for longer.

Contact the team now and see how you can experience the power of TV for less and without compromise.

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