Omniplatform advertising crucial for success

30th July 2018

Businesses are always looking for new consumer insights, but why should you avoid focusing on just one advertising medium and instead focus on omniplatform delivery?

OMNIPLATFORM Advertising is crucial to ensuring of a successful, insight-rich and efficient marketing output, but how can you optimise your ad campaigns?

Using interactive and addressable advertising to help you improve targeting

Targeting consumers in a more personal fashion is key, but these advertising campaigns should be secondary to your overall brand commercials.

With the vast array of ways in which you can now interact with consumers, your business can provide a more bespoke experience, but taking a collective approach omniplatform is key as you look to boost long-term sales efficiency.

For instance, if you want to find out the most effective way in which to access consumers online, extrapolating data from an addressable TV campaign would not be useful from a response perspective.

The brand receptiveness and what actually led to website visits, sales and retention is, but for you to maximise individual mediums, it is key for your business to incorporate elements from across your entire marketing faculty to enable your overall output to thrive.

When using newer innovations, converging other proven elements will be vital as you look to optimise your budget – even if you are just A/B testing.

Programmatic advertising has helped businesses like GoCompare save 20% from their advertising budget.
Addressable, combined with this element and interactive advertising can ensure you have more specific data streams to analyse, which can be used to improve the relevance and quality of the campaigns you utilise on the radio, outdoors, online and via direct forms of marketing.

Low Cost TV advertising for Framd from Space City: the omniplatform advertising specialists
Finding an advert production company you like that can advertise omniplatform is crucial as you look to deliver multiple versions of ads.

If you know what triggers a response to a commercial and how that differs between varying consumer groups and individuals, you can enjoy response revenue, while also plying your marketing and analytics teams with unparalleled levels of data to support linear and future interactive campaigns omniplatform.

Standard A/B testing using phone numbers can still support a more efficient and lucrative advertising output, but as well as using this technique, your business can ensure that these numbers are used to explain why a consumer called, rather the just revealing the fact that they did.

If there are certain lifestyle traits, or elements that are driven by location, mood or any other metric you may seek to embed in a campaigns, you can be sure to place increased onus on them if it led to responses.

Use programmatic and link it to your interactive TV campaigns

Online and TV can compliment programmatic means of advertising, therefore learning from the results of the respective campaigns collectively is key.

You can now run interactive campaigns via connected cloud services, which can combine the data sources from both to ensure that you are not bombarding consumers with ads, instead, you can stipulate that your ads do not run on one platform if they have already led to a KPI being met from the other platform.

As well as knowing the ads that perform and where, when and why consumers react to them, you can save money and boost your advertising ROI.

Accuring impressions of ads that have already been consumed will no longer be a mistakenly named KPI, with those impressions being sent to your least performing and cheapest media spend outputs, while those consumers could equally receive a campaign that has not been received yet, which could be more brand based for instance.

Utilising both brand and direct response is key, but measuring it has been difficult in the short-term, when marketers have been under pressure to offer immediate, actionable and measurable results.

Facts should outweigh the force of immediate accountability, but a way of helping your brand campaigns and their effectiveness is offering augmented, interactive response ads to those who have been exposed to the other creative.

Effective TV advertising for the post-GDPR era can be achieved through incentivised adverts omniplatform
Successful DRTV needs to incorporate visual and audible call-to-actions – these are vital as you look to eliminate wastage omniplatform.

By offering a programmatic solution in this instance between several campaigns and more refined KPIs, you can more actively measure whether brand is being engrained in consumers.

Where to use the more actionable data you have accrued

Underscoring the omniplatform principle to advertising, the limits to where you utilise your data should not exist.

If you know of certain locations that were more receptive to a particular product, or whether a service was bought based on an ad that was liked based on a particular creative decision, you should utilise the myriad of platforms to prize upon the success generated and increase awareness via radio, outdoor, broader online and TV.

All platforms used together provide the contextual picture of how consumers enjoy advertising, with the volume of convergence necessary for catering to convenience and transient consumer desires.

Similarly, knowing when someone may have purchased a product interactively is vital as you look to cease marketing of that kind to the same person – the focus should switch to other similar products and services the consumer may need.

By doing this programmatically and in an addressable fashion, your business can avoid wastage and optimise the relevance of advertising and build brand resonance and consumer trust.

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