Online advertiser? What you need to do

1st May 2018

Advertising is continually converging to provide bespoke interactions that compliment consumers, but how can you ensure of optimal sales success online and beyond?

ONLINE Advertising has been blighted over the last few years by fears of fraud, lack of consumption and lack of relevance, but how do you optimise it?

With any form of advertising, there needs to be a degree of relevance that can incite response and further engagement, but amidst the conflict between what consumers want and what they are being delivered, a degree of inefficiency can prevail.

In order to provide the quality of TV online, it is crucial a consistency of file size aspect ratio is used to showcase your company – from both a trust, memorability and affirming perspective.

If a contextual premise changes from ad-to-ad or platform-to-platform, not only will trust in your company wane, but the likelihood of resonance is hindered by the inconsistency.

Although the gratification consumer groups desire differs depending on the platform, as advertising gradually becomes more integrated and autonomous, the proactive approach should be to compliment consumer desires in a more convenience-driven fashion.

TV currently takes advantage of a more relaxed, experience clamouring consumer, while online is mobilised by those looking for instant gratification.

Patience, therefore, is a quality consumers will increasingly be lacking if current trends continue to engulf all consumable media.

While a need to unwind and relax will always be necessary to human beings in their daily cognitive functions, the knowledge of the media they seek to consume and how they will enjoy it will proliferate further towards ubiquity.

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With consumers finding more convenience online, advertisers need to prioritise consistency and emotive data to succeed.

Thus, while the burgeoning technologies and means of augmenting traditional TV with the analytical, measurable and actionable metrics that are enjoyed by online advertising metrics, using TV as a barometer for quality is crucial if you are to ensure of optimum resonance and sales success.

Although assets and aspect ratios differ depending on the outlets you are choosing to advertise on, ensuring that your business sets a precedence in consistency will be imperative if you are to usurp the competition.

File size has always been an issue in terms of  loading speed and quality of delivery omni-screen, but with algorithms initiated that will only ensure of optimal dissemination and display, your business will be protected in this sense.

Besides fears of fraud and the quality of data that is used to interact with consumers, mobile has yet to be successfully harnessed by many businesses as they pursue a more sophisticated, relevant and targeted advertising output.

With adverts that are net-native, they are not ultimately known in that guise across all platforms; this is one of issues blighting online advertising from a branding perspective.

TV is the zenith of all advertising currently and over preceding generations, yet it is not the entity that incites the greatest spend from businesses.

Online is the source of data that can underpin future TV campaigns, but for this data to be utilised efficiently and prudently, the resulting engagements need to be substantial and evoke similar emotions to that of any TV, VOD or other video campaigns.

Video is ineffably important to any business – even those who produce the adverts, in the case of Space City – it underscores the success of your company on and offline, with emotive rapport and resonance the key leveraging factor.

In order to support this, producing future TV, connected TV or online video ads, even, with mobile calibration in mind is crucial.

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Online advertising that mirrors the quality of TV will support brand resonance.

If your TV ad layout can be taken and embedded directly into your mobile and other online campaigns, the versatility and consistency can be assured.

To deliver maximum quality in across your advertising output, it is essential for your business to export, or request an export of your video and audio, which comes directly from your raw edited and online material.

Any sub-copy or reexported file that is subsequently edited or used, will be compromised and lack the consistency of the files that are initially filmed.

Having the maximum quality file is already mandatory across any connected TV or HD station, while any visual cues may be misunderstood or overlooked due to a lack of quality, or distortion at least from the final product.

Thus with a file, aspect ratio and sound system that compliments all platforms, your online operation can enjoy subsequent increases in trust.

With increased trust online, your ability to utilise more brand-centric, experiential material is facilitated – something that is not possible as long as search engines like Google remain biased, content remains inconsistent and adverts lack clearance.

Space City has been producing TV, online and radio commercials for over 25 years, working with state-of-the-art DaVinci Grading software to generate the highest quality adverts, for less.

Contact the team now and start instilling trust in online through your own inbound marketing, which can be linked to the inherent trustworthiness of your TV content.

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