Online limits your advertising impact

8th December 2016

ONLINE Advertising continues to grow although it cannot be trusted as a universally trustworthy medium of growing your business.

Given the variability of online: surfing times, attention span, ad blocking software, length of ads and personalised approach, to provide your company with a unilaterally persuasive platform, TV is the only solution.

The success of TV in comparison to online and other platforms is stark.

Over the last five years TV commercials have resulted in businesses seeing sales gains four times higher than that of online.

TV advertising is the most effective means of growing your brand.
TV advertising is the most effective means of growing your brand.

Moreover online ads are statistically 15 per cent less trustworthy with consumers than TV ads.

At a time when trust is slipping in advertising at boardroom and consumer level, to reassert this TV can carry the leveraging factors that cannot otherwise be overcome by online.

With TV’s ability to structure the situation in which their ads are broadcast more contextually than that of online; which is far more personalised, the ability to enchant and immerse a larger, captive audience is only in place with TV.

Online ads and commercials have been so successful thus far in terms of uptake because of the volumes of recipients they can reach, however the conversions of these views and interactions are minimal and less effective than that of TV.

Over the last five years the effectiveness of online advertising in terms of achieving KPIs, has declined by 10 per cent, whereas TV has stabilised amidst the digital onslaught.

Naturally online and digital advertising is inhibited by the sole reason people flock to an online video: they have actively visited it to seek that video, not a 30-second ad.

Factor in the capabilities users have to block or skip these adverts after five seconds, little impact can be made, in terms of both brand and direct response.

Given both of these advertising styles require a degree of narrative in its composition, five seconds simply is not enough and becomes unforgettable.

Companies do attempt to coax viewers to persevere with the commercial through a do not skip call-to-action, however this in itself is repetitive and something replicated almost universally.

Brands of course could pay for the privilege for their ads not to be skipped, although at the detriment of an increase in marketing costs notwithstanding the lack of guarantees regarding the contextual relevance of the ad to the video.

Advertising costs are reduced through using TV and Space City
Advertising costs are reduced through using TV and Space City.

With TV and your ability to maximise new innovations such as addressable advertising, Adsmart and interactive ads, you can systematically simplify your analytic metrics, saving your company time and money.

Additionally the structure of TV is more rigid, thus more trustworthy as a medium-broadcasters are limited by law as to how much commercial time can be incorporated into shows.

Couple this to the fact that TV has been such a consistently dependable branding tool, with its strength only reaffirmed by the success of on-demand viewing, you have an unassailable leveraging tool.

To justify your marketing spend year-after-year, TV can deliver to you steadfast accountability in terms of KPI achievement and sales boosts, online is ambiguous and less linear.

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