Originality vital for advertising success

24th October 2017

Amidst the offer heavy, brand weak online driven advertising direction, the lack of originality has helped perpetuate long-standing issues

ORIGINALITY Is imperative for your business succeeding in the long-term, with only short-term success delivered through promotions.

Beyond your paid advertising, your business – regardless of size – strives to elicit the highest volume of organic sales as a result of the multiplier effect and SEO.

Whether this is within TV or online, there is much that needs to be universally to transform advertising and ensure it is a true reflection and compliment to your entire external communications output.

Although not a conventional news outlet, with an innovative and progress-centric mindset your business can channel long-term traffic to your online platforms through brand response advertising.

The mindset of consumers is innately suited to compulsion through TV, with the impulsive, convenience-driven element of the brain satisfied through online.

Thus for your online outlets to work efficiently there needs to be a clearly orchestrated plan, underpinned by originality.

Ultimately advertising has to be completely encompassing of ethics and inclusion to be truly relevant and trustworthy.

With the still gargantuan gulf between the state of advertising and the real world as it were, this can only be deviated through a shift towards being a pioneer – creating newsworthy material and directives as a result of your advertising.

Originality can ensure of expedited rapport generation through its emotive cues.
Originality can ensure of expedited rapport generation through its emotive cues.

Although more relevant to your wider communications team, the onus needs to be placed upon ensuring there is news permeating through your adverts.

If there is no presence of originality, your business will ultimately fail to elicit the long-term uplifts that will increase ROI and optimise your online outlets.

While this originality should stem from the advertising creatives themselves, those within the ads and the production of them can also provide news in a paradoxically marginalised advertising sphere.

With figures now in the public domain that detail vast potential gains for more inclusive and brand aware advertisers, the shift has been more to perpetuate the existing issues that have blighted advertising on and offline.

The most successful campaigns are more than just marketing exercises, they are awe-inspiring, story-driven pieces of creative concert that influence the minds of consumers.

In order for you to do this efficiently this element of the originality must leverage tone more than any other part of the consumer journey.

Tone comprises of more than 50% of the entire persuasion of an advert, whereas the words themselves leverage just 8%.

Optimising tone can ensure that you encourage potential consumers to visit your wider output online – regardless of what your business offers.

In order to be a market leader in any industry you need to have authority in what you are trying to sell – akin to a journalist.

Thus utilising similar directives used in journalism can ensure that you safely inform, but also inspire your potential consumers to engage further in your business.

With genuine originality and progression within your advertising, you will inhabit inherent newsworthiness, ensuring that you increasingly become a reference of credibility.

Word-of-mouth exposure of your brand is at its highest level through TV advertising, yet so many within society are not engaged with it themselves.

Notwithstanding the £239 billion lost each year through not providing inclusive advertising, the potential your business has to grow organically is also not being exploited.

Producing similar advertising creatives will only serve to cause confusion and negate any possibility of boosting your presence in the wider media.

Your adverts need to not only inspire consumers to respond to your ads, but also convey the emotions you want them to feel as they engage with you; there has to be consistency.

Originality can be instilled through sync-sound and reflective emotive context.
Originality can be instilled through sync-sound and reflective emotive context.

Given the remarkable rise on online media consumption, the irony of the decline in more emotive, brand driven advertising online is a flaw that is easily redeemable.

Time needs to be taken to implement a consistent authority that can lead to online superiority, as a result of SEO.

Although you will be targeting consumers in an increasingly OTT advertising sphere through search terms, interests and behaviours, ensuring of originality in your search terms is vital in forging your brand niche before another does.

Ultimately those search terms have been derived from personal interests, necessities and curiosities; it is therefore your job as a business to foster those curiosities.

By supporting existing search terms you will be in a constant battle for direct response supremacy, not leading your industry and dictating the thought processes of your consumers.

Ads that are more progressive are 70% more effective than ads that dwindle in the continued usage of hackneyed stereotypes.

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