Patience key to successful advertising

8th May 2018

TV advertising and the wider marketing production sphere is lacking one key virtue for optimal success: patience, but  what can your business do to facilitate it?

PATIENCE Is crucial if your business is to enjoy long-term sales success and optimal consumer awareness in 2018 and beyond; here’s what you need to do.

With the ability for businesses to enjoy instant measurability and granular data from online and increasingly on TV, the need to exercise patience for advertising benefits has been declining.

Although relative short and long-term success can be elicited through online adverts, PPC and direct response TV, the most lucrative means of advertising remains TV sponsorship and brand awareness campaigns.

Given the clamour for instant ROI and efficiency, which has been facilitated by the ability to have more transient ads that focus on search terms and the immediate desires of potential consumers, there has been little creative onus on fostering resonance in the long-term.

With a focus on price-led, sales-driven adverts, you are not increasing brand memorability, nor creating an emotive bond with a consumer, which is vital as you look to improve ROI and nurture long-term consumer relationships.

The ads that do stimulate the long-term growth are not personally targeted at all – they merely look at building emotional connections and are not actually selling to the consumer at all.

Sponsorship bumpers, in particular, serve to increase awareness in a context that compliments the programming being enjoyed by the consumer, thus allowing your brand to become immersed emotionally with the content that has positive conscious and subconscious connotations.

Tv advertising production from Space City for Crystale
Complimenting your consumers’ mindsets will be key as patience is implemented.

These associations ensure you do not have to sell to the consumer, which is useful considering, in TV sponsorship, you cannot actually advertise or attempt to sell a product – it is the placement that is crucial.

While this metric does not cater for a marketing sphere that desires specific targeting and the need to boost instant results through relevance, the emotions the consumer will associate with your brand will carry far more leverage in the long-term, when compared to the memorability of a price-led online advert.

TV in this instance does boost efficiency, given the fact that you can focus on weaving branding cues and your logos into the product or services you offer, while also enjoying the unbridled attention of viewers – unlike online where there are myriad distractions that reduce attention spans.

Therefore, as you take a more long-term advertising tack, your business can lower production costs and increase actual success for over three years thanks to one advert.

While the initial results will be limited compared to PPC and direct response TV or online, you will be rewarded in the months and years after the ad initially broadcasts.

Media buying costs, too, can be reduced with more long-term, guaranteed spots, which do not rely on the whims of the algorithms that display the ads.

Having a specific time where you know how consumers will be feeling in relation to the programming, your business will be able to resonate with at least 140% more consumers in campaigns that last years – with up to 600% sales increases possible during that time.

Ultimately, if your sponsorship focuses on accentuating the emotive context of the ad, you will foster conversation and ensure awareness increases compared to the more insular advertising seen online.

This is where you need prioritise your creative direction and post-production motives.

If the programming associated with the sponsorship bumpers is humorous, the visuals and audio need to reflect that – it is imperative that context is complimentary.

Cost-effective TV advertising for Patch Magic from Space City
Keeping your consumers trusting of your ads is key – consistency is a must, as is patience.

With this ensured, you will increase sales gradually, but lucratively over a longer period of time, while also increasing your notoriety through word-of-mouth – this will ensure that your business will be mentioned in relevant conversation, thus not rendering your ad irrelevant to those who would not respond instantly.

Patience will also be necessary when brand building through TV campaigns.

Although response does plateau more quickly than through sponsorship bumpers, it can still take several months for results to show.

With the brand response commercials, you can focus on disambiguating your business and services more to consumers, ensuring that you placate their conscious and subconscious for when they do wish to make a purchase.

Context should still be considered, but it is more crucial in this instance that ads do not deviate from the initial context, which could potential confuse the consumer and haemorrhage the trust you may have garnered.

With this delivered, you will be able to harvest more consumers through your online channels – boosting data streams that will be vital in a post-GDPR era.

Space City has been producing TV, online and radio adverts for 25 years, producing sponsorship bumpers that have led to record ROI for the respective companies.

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