PM’s election call good for advertising

18th April 2017

ELECTION Fever is gripping the UK once more after Theresa May’s announcement that we will once again return to the polling stations on June 8.

Although primarily a ploy to strengthen the Prime Minister’s mandate to deliver Brexit in her desired vision, it will ultimately provide long and short-term stability for both her credibility and your business.

While the ongoing uncertainty prevails concerning the ultimately destiny of our fiscal state, reticence has been emerging within businesses in turn with consumers, with the unprecedented ambiguity of the UK’s future.

However with the mere emergence of a rhetoric and means of governance that will have irrefutable credence post June 8, businesses can at least be more secure in the knowledge that the PM’s plan for the UK will be a five-year one at the very least, not one at risk from disruption in three.

A more long-term safeguarding of fiscal planning, will enable the Prime Minister to inhabit more negotiating leverage with the EU, in the knowledge the implementation or planning of any new business or finance related statutes will be more permanent.

While an election campaign and the ensuing poll analysis that follows will potentially cause further volatility, the short-term volatility to will affect mainly currency.

Although the FTSE was shaken by the election announcement, any losses will plateau if the plan is verified by Parliament.

As a result any potential losses to currency will be temporal and transient at worst given the positive reaction to today’s initial statement.

Theresa May's snap election will provide your business with enhanced stability.
Theresa May’s snap election will provide your business with enhanced stability.

Post-election, with increased resolve for whichever fiscal route will be adopted, currency will only strengthen as certainty and clarity envelopes the UK other the course of 2017.

Therefore as wholesale costs decrease, increases in inflation should be arrested in the long-term, as more stability and subsequent wage rises mirror that of inflation.

As a result both consumer spending and saving will increase, boosting interest rates and the economy as a whole.

Thus when it comes to invigorating your advertising on both TV and online, utilising the most effective stimulus in marketing to grow your business can be more effective singularly than ever before.

Even with rises in inflation and reduced consumer spending, techniques emerging within from online advertising have increasingly been augmenting TV too, enabling branded content to elicit an even greater impact.

However with a relative preclusion of DRTV in a traditional sense, more ad investment would have needed to be plied into interactive or addressable advertising to provide a more complimentary solution to consumer spending habits.

With the potential for more flexible consumer, a balance between DRTV and brand response ads is facilitated once more.

Focusing on brand provides you with the long-term resonance that will boost your sales for years to come, while creating an unbridled multiplier effect.

You are nearly four times as likely to talk about an ad you saw on TV face-to-face with someone than you are with an online ad, according to TV Nation, ensuring that your future online sales and upscaling possibilities are enhanced with TV.

Moreover you are 37% more likely to discuss an ad you viewed on TV, online, compared to an online original ad.

Therefore to enchant new audiences and have the scope to upscale in the future, ensuring TV is the catalyst of your campaign is imperative.

Enhanced stability post-election will provide your DRTV ads with a boost.
Enhanced stability post-election will provide your DRTV ads with a boost.

Although online is the most effective harvester of your audiences and helps you boost KPIs such as impressions, conversions, newsletter sign-ups and sales as a whole, it is inhibited without the power of TV.

Conversely TV’s impact is reduced without the partnership with online, given its ability to provide unbridled, realtime targeting that can also assist with your inventory procurement.

While DRTV and the innovations in addressable advertising are providing solutions that can also increase your audience understanding, the cost is relatively high in comparison to the organic business analysis you can undertake while attributing success.

Ultimately though, with today’s election call providing renewed optimism concerning the fiscal stability of the UK, attributing the success of your campaigns can once more be a priority.

DRTV provides more efficient and contemporary attribution for your ads, which in age where the clamour for instant accountability is manifest your directors and superiors may well be inclined to.

Brand response’s success will of course remain unhindered, with the patience necessary for the prolonged delivery of a BRTV campaign facilitated in the wake of the potential stability created by today’s election call.

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