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10th August 2018

TV Advertising and the production of commercials as a whole can cost varying amounts, but what price should you expect certain adverts to be?

PRICE Has varied in advertising in and out of TV for generations, but what should an average TV advert cost your business in the contemporary age?

Although there are myriad elements to consider before going into production, looking at what you need to make the desired impact should be of paramount concern.

For instance, just to get your advert on TV, even the cheapest and most efficient crew filming an advert in a studio – with scripts written and using only a single presenter, would cost you £8,000 – when considering you would need edit time.

Ultimately costs can spiral well beyond this figure, with some major corporations spending millions of pounds to secure the most affirming, memorable advertising creatives.

Often what is necessary is something of a lesser amount, but of course this should be your priority.

Regardless of how complimentary and effective your media buying may be, you will not stimulate that desired consumer group with an ineffective advertising creative.

Often, if you want to create a direct response TV commercial, you have to spend money on certain tertiary costs that are necessary to conceptualise your own or an agency’s vision.

Advertising in peoples’ houses for instance will cost you upwards of £1000-per-day, while utilising business premises, public spaces or other sites will also need necessary permissions and permits.

The price of hiring locations can make inroads into your budget.
The price of hiring locations can make inroads into your budget.

These will incur costs upwards of several hundred pounds per-day, with the issue of artist fees also entering the equation.

Should you need to utilise extras, or just simply need more actors to deliver what your business desires, you can spend several thousands of pounds on them – once you have factored in licences, contracts and buyouts.

Depending on how often your ad is broadcast, these fees can inflate sharply without the negotiation of a lifetime buyout.

Contingent on the reverence and negotiating power of the artists involved, such buyouts can be expected to cost at least £3,000.

Once you have planned and filmed your commercial – which will also need Clearcast approval – the cost of purchasing airtime will be the next element for your business to deliberate on.

In terms of the fees for specific spots, they again vary wildly, but it is ultimately down to demand and previous viewing figures.

Utilising a buyer that also provides additional virtues is crucial – analytics software, programmatic and addressable delivery will be pivotal.

As you look to not only obtain a lower price for your media spend, but also elicit the data and responses that can improve the quality of your future campaigns, inbound marketing and PPC, utilising programmatic will lower costs by 20%.

If you want to feature on one primetime spot, plus 10-12 less popular times, across a month, you would be spending £5,000 at the very least through most channels and media buyers.

Moreover, if you are looking at producing multiple versions of your ads and want them sent to broadcasters by those who undertake such work regularly; you will incur another cost.

Transmission can of course be undertaken in-house, but the time it takes when it is not a part of your daily routine can also be onerous on your budgets, time and resources, with outsourcing the most practised means of dealing with this element.

Keep the price of your advert down through appropriate outsourcing.
Keep the price of your advert down through appropriate outsourcing.

For every clock, as they are called, is sent to stations, they normally cost between £30 and £50, thus depending on the volume of individual clocks (for instance with different phone numbers on; legal text) your costs will also increase through the editing time and transmission cost.

Securing the best price is ultimately dependant on your desires as a business. If you are spending manifold sums on new edits and transmission, your priority will be direct response; through brand response you can focus less on instant sales, but more on long-term ROI.

Having the awareness can save you ineffable sums of money, although you will not enjoy the accountability and instant measurability of direct response.

By choosing this tact you can increase your returns by 140% – if you broadcast your campaign consistently over a three-year-period.

In terms of crew and the cost of assembling this yourself if you already have an internal creative team, it will cost you at least £2,000 for a complete team with camera operators, riggers and sound operatives.

Radio and online are much cheaper thanks to the reduced ancillary costs and the need for only audio and some editing time, notwithstanding the reduced crew and artist fees.

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