Prime time ITV show to star Space City

Producer of cost-effective TV commercials, Space City, is to appear in a new prime time ITV factual entertainment show in the autumn

PRIME Time ITV show, The Big Audition is to feature Space City in a forthcoming episode, with the broadcasting juggernaut choosing to showcase a casting.

Having been approached by ITV to support its new show, Space City accommodated the broadcasters need to film a casting for a TV advertising production, by facilitating the filming of an audition day for Wowcher.

Filming will take place with Space City on Thursday, 21st June 2018, with all footage collected within a one-day shoot.

The show will be a six-part series, which is set to join ITV’s prime time slots in the autumn of 2018.

Delivered by Twenty Twenty TV, the producers of renowned TV series, First Dates, and part of the wider Warner Bros International Television Production Group, the series will look to offer an insight into the audition process as a whole; from would-be TV presenters, to TV commercial actors and potential west-end stars.

Space City’s episode will feature Creative Director, Victor van Amerongen addressing the camera personally in an interview; he will appear along with representatives from the e-commerce giants, Wowcher.

The prime time exposure will mark Space City’s first appearance on TV, having produced more of the commercials that appear on the platform than any other UK business since 2000.

The prime time show, The Big Audition, will utilise cost-effective producers of commercials, Space City for new ITV show
ITV’s new prime time show, The Big Audition will utilise Space City’s TV commercial production for Wowcher for an episode in the new show.

As well as following the journeys of the artists involved, the aforementioned expert adjudicators will be interviewed; justifying their decisions and elaborating on the process of casting and the criteria for choosing certain artists for particular roles.

ITV’s Head of Entertainment, Siobhan Greene, was enthused by the potential of the show, which justified its forthcoming prime time broadcast slot. She said: “I have always loved auditions, but the chance to peel back the layers even further, and to do it in a fixed rig way, felt back to basics and I loved it from the moment I heard the pitch.

“I hope the audience at home will also lap up getting to see something they’ve only seen done on the big entertainment juggernauts, now done like this.”

The casting is for Wowcher’s second TV commercial production with Space City, having produced a cache of 15, 10-second commercials in 2017.

Musical score, Things That Make You Go Hmmm, will be reused under the same remastered lyric of, things that make you go wow.

You can find out more about ITV’s new prime time show, The Big Audition, here.

Space City has been producing TV, online and radio commercials for over 25 years, casting for adverts for household names, including GoCompare, Moonpig, Nestlé, Asda and Cadbury.

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