Programmatic can work for branded ads

23rd June 2017

Advertising is in the midst of yet another paradigm shift, programmatic could now be more lucrative

PROGRAMMATIC Advertising is in the ascendency across all media and ad platforms, harnessing it to work for branded ads though is possible.

While it continues to be successfully utilised as a means of eliciting optimal, efficient short-term sales increases, it has failed in the case of online to provide a reliable means of hosting branded ads.

Given the myriad scandals transcending programmatic related – but not derived – issues, it has lead many businesses to question the merits of the means of advertising, with some migrating back to TV in more linear forms or into print and outdoor.

Although prompted by brand perception concerns, with the ability in online’s case to drop your ads alongside any given piece of content that stimulates the algorithms within Google, the case for programmatic as a source of pertinence to it is far from redundant.

On the contrary given the success that mobile is enjoying – notwithstanding TV – programmatic is continuing to provide means of delivering ads to the consumer conveniently and in a location, routine and complimentary driven fashion.

The inhibitions to online aside from the issues regarding placement have arisen from the variability of signal strength and inconsistency while consumers may be on the move.

These dropouts, although not a concern to linear or home inhabited TVs, will be a concern when Private Market Placements become more ubiquitous, consequently affecting the delivery of ads integrated within VOD.

These obstacles aside though, which are of course not insurmountable in due course, programmatic has the contemporary ability to enchant and provide businesses with a plausible and measurable means of infiltrating consumers instantly, in turn with the long-term.

By harnessing the power of programmatic advertising through collaboration you can lower branded ad costs.
By harnessing the power of programmatic advertising through collaboration you can lower branded ad costs.

As you would with a direct response campaign, the software on offer would optimise your buying strategy to marry the most effective ads with the equally strong channels.

To ensure this can also work from a branding point-of-view, notwithstanding the scope to further enhance the efficiency and sales elicitation from response campaigns, aligning this buying format with blockchain principles and search driven placement will be key.

In the exponentially growing clamour for businesses to acquire data with granular quality, harnessing such data to ensure it is credible, pertinent and accountable is becoming the new imperative besides having the data itself.

Thus with the implementation of blockchain through matching and purchasing data from consenting parties, you can have access to the potential efficiency of utilise such data, but not potentially create any issues of privacy breaches or access to the data itself.

Such means allied to programmatic TV ads can ensure that consumers who are broadcast to have been appraised within the data hubs as to their relevance, ensuring that your creative can be optimised as a result to compliment the consumers in question.

When also factoring in the implementation of some form of synergy with either Adobe’s Advertising Cloud, or a similarly search-driven targeting hub, you have the data and capabilities to know who to target, how to engage with them and when to do it.

Consequently you can optimise your online and TV campaigns respectively, with the knowledge of when consumers will not be able to access online and vice versa.

With the data and software on offer to inform you when your consumers watch TV, you can align this with when they are also using other devices simultaneously to begin the brand journey organically.

Combining the powers of blockchain, search and programmatic, your branded ads can make an ever greater impact.
Combining the powers of blockchain, search and programmatic, your branded ads can make an ever greater impact.

If other devices are in use, you can utilise your brand-driven ads to enhance your chances of consumers visiting the website if you systematically set your algorithms to display ads at times where TV and online can compliment each-other.

Incentives at end branding are likely to purport the existing emotive resonance instilled within the ad itself, mobilising it create organic cognitive intrigued that will begin the journey towards resonance, short-term and long-term sales.

Ultimately as a conduit for successful, brand-driven programmatic advertising online is not best suited given the complete lack of certainty and credibility as to your brand alignment.

The control you have with TV, added to the inherent credibility it has possessed during its entirety will continue to serve you business as it seeks to implement a continuous cost-saving prerogative.

While it is now the most efficient and effective means of optimising linear TV, it can also provide your business with an increasingly automated alternative towards instilling your brand within consumers.

Programmatic has already elicited budgetary savings and increased sales for GoCompare within a recent trial, improving results by nearly 20% in both cases.

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