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11th January 2017

THE FIGHT To reduce advertising costs is a forever losing battle as companies battle for market share and growth in a perennial transient culture.

Amidst the volatility of UK Sterling and the long-term prognosis for Britain’s economy still uncertain, a spender friendly economy has been facilitated allied to lower interest rates.

Furthermore with the strength of Sterling indifferent with the ongoing clarity of Britain’s future fiscal behaviour, export’s abroad have been incentivised.

This coupled to the immediate growth in tourism and decision of some major businesses to move headquarters to the UK, in part due to impending reductions to corporation tax, has seen the likelihood of consumers being receptive to TV advertising increased greatly.

Retailers and car manufacturers in particular have noticed remarkable leaps in sales over recent months, indicating brand awareness or a stimulus from your company would herald instant and noticeable commercial gains.

Focusing on mobilising your UK market will reduce costs.
Focusing on mobilising your UK market will reduce costs.

With the facility for any disposable income, albeit a reduced one in most cases, to be used on products and services your company provides, ensures that short and medium term growth can be established.

Crucially though when your primary target audience is one who is currently inhibited from spending overseas and where short term spending is increasing, to reduce your costs in real terms, the only efficient option is to ply resources into optimising and prolonging the success of the UK market.

Whether your company offers a particular service, product or something else, by encouraging and creating a low risk an incentivised and brand centric commercial, you can elicit a more permanent response from your client base.

By connecting them to a brand where a consumer feels as though they are being focused for more certain times ahead, you can optimise your KPIs and accountability as a marketeer in reducing your costs and increasing profit.

Therefore creating the appropriate context for your ad is imperative, associating your brand with instant gratification coupled with aspiration, not luxury and style where substance is now preferred.

Discount has forever been a leveraging factor to attract new customers and stimulate brand recognition, however at a time when incomes are being squeezed offering a more ostentatious brand should be avoided.

Promotions will help simplify your analytics and reduce costs.
Promotions will help simplify your analytics and reduce costs.

At a time when the algorithms for understanding audience, not simply knowing how your consumers behave, is becoming more language based, colloquial and subjective, using terminology that can be easily appropriated in the correct context by your audience is pivotal.

Furthermore with the growing presence of major corporations basing their operations out of the UK, focusing on long term brand response advertising will combat the onslaught.

Space City has specialised in using organic creative and state-of-the-art facilities which enable commercials to be produced on a budget, but with the aesthetic strength that engages new audiences.

Contact the team now and see what 25 years of experience within TV advertising can do to reduce your advertising costs.




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