Reducing advertising costs with TV

5th January 2017

REDUCING Your advertising costs may seem like an impossible task in the face of growing competition and the need to reevaluate your brand amidst uncertain times.

Throughout previous periods of financial uncertainty and prosperity, TV has never failed to deliver conversions and a profitable increase in sales as a result of an ad.

New research from the Video Advertising Bureau has revealed that marketeers and industry analysts alike, have wildly overestimated the extent of commercial success delivered by digital alone.

On the contrary it is TV that continues to act as the stimulus for conversions that account for a given company’s marketing success.

Analysing metrics have not been a diligent supply of data, measuring simply the final conversions, not the call-to-action creative and brand recognition KPIs that are ultimately attributed to TV.

Being able to have clear analysing methods is imperative to reducing advertising costs.
Having clear analytic methods is imperative to reducing advertising costs.

Online is dependant on TV to succeed in the same manner as TV as a linear advertising entity.

This will lead of course to more prolonged brand retention and potential repeat business, but is ultimately costly in the short-term.

However when comparing the increased ad spend in relative to terms to choosing loyalty to one medium over an another, your company is losing money in real terms, as well as imperative presence across a variety of advertising hubs.

Therefore to aid your company in reducing costs in when looking to boosting net profit, by avoiding TV entirely you are inhibiting both your profit and turnover.

Statistically companies who advertising on TV are twice as likely to stimulate brand recognition, further conversions and sales.

In addition individuals who constitute the greatest number of consumers are more than twice as likely to watch an ad on TV than search for a product online.

Although online is the ultimate sales converter and one which can be programmed to deliver more specific, native ads, it is TV that is being growingly underestimated as the catalyst for stimulate consumers towards engaging with their products and services after TV.

On average most brands now spend nearly twice as much capital and budget on digital compared to TV: this should be subverted to enable your company to be truly reducing its advertising costs.

Actual website visits and consumption of ads may be greater when compared to TV, however with the exponential rise in the use of smart, interactive, programmatic and addressable advertising the consensus is not as subjective as it may seem.

Reducing costs can be achieved through an understanding of audience, not otherwise achieved through online.
Reducing costs can be achieved through an understanding of audience, not otherwise achieved through online.

TV has continued to innovate to increase its relevance as not only a partner to digital, but a strong stand alone alternative to companies looking at reducing ad spend.

Therefore as your company seeks to maximise engagement, sales and prolonged brand recognition, simply prioritising online would be counter-productive at best when looking to ultimately become or remain a marker leader in your respective industry.

To truly maximise commerce and continue to engage consumers who may actual resonate with your products and services, the unbridled innovations within semantics and understanding search terms as a result of the language used in TV commercials is vital when compared to online.

Digitally you are restricted to analysing how your audience behaves, not why, with TV more budget may be sacrificed, but ultimately yielding commercial returns which more than optimise your initial investment.

Space City has continued to deliver commercials for companies that have yielded profits up to six times that of their investment.

Especially in transient times where consumers are saving averse and pro spending, creating compelling, coherent and direct TV adverts with a distinct call-to-action are imperative to reducing overall costs.

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