Sales will increase through TV advertising

26th April 2018

TV advertising is enjoying a renaissance – if it ever dwindled in the first place – facilitating digitally savvy marketers and consumers for the first time – increasing sales

SALES Are ultimately the reason why any business exists and seeks to cater for a demand that exists in society, but how has TV adapted to help your business?

Aside from being able to measure the success and responses elicited from your ad campaigns directly and in a more actionable fashion, the capacity for your business to align your digital and TV advertising has been facilitated.

With the Adobe Advertising Cloud; services from Videa that allow businesses to purchase ad inventory seconds and even years in advance, while having the ability to use data from your digital campaigns to systematical target and programmatically remove certain consumer segments from your advertising output.

This has conciliated businesses who sought more direct measurability and consistency with their advertising back to TV.

The work of Sky and their AdSmart services has ensured that connectivity is rising increasingly to the fore – with the ability to segment consumer groups more specifically, while being augmented by the encrypted data streams that are now emerging thanks to blockchain technology.

A collaborative advertising is proven to be a lucrative and successful one where sales and ROI are concerned.

Delivering adverts that compliment consumer moods is crucial; with tailored ads that can meet certain criterion, not only from an interest side, but also from the perspective of where the content is being viewed.

Placating consumers in your advertising is imperative as you seek to increase sales
Placating consumers in your advertising is imperative as you seek to increase sales

Such integration has been difficult and inherently incompatible thanks to the differences in trust levels, perception and overall content online compared to TV.

In a multi-platform world, though, where programming and material can be viewed at varying times, the premise now exists for businesses like yours to enjoy increased advertising success for less.

With demand for TV spots declining marginally in a traditional form, your business can still enjoy the unrivalled merits of utilising the platform to boost brand reach and knowledge – it is still the number one means of growing a company.

While digital continues to offer the data harnessing qualities, which has lead to hoards of businesses utilising its measurable and targeted shores to increase sales and relevant exposure, the lack of contextual and cognitive relevance has remained an issue though.

The lack of payback from advertising online through duopolies like Facebook and Google – besides the ethical concerns – has stemmed from the inefficient ROI.

Compared to TV, advertising online carries less than half the overall efficiency – between online video and PPC – meaning that for your business to succeed on both platforms, a synergy between the pair needs to be fostered and initiated.

Thankfully, demand is increasing in turn with lowered costs and sales increases. Of the businesses utilising interactive TV advertising for the first time, 80% of them were new to the process entirely – underlining TV’s renewed relevance to businesses and consumers amidst the digital revolution.

What has compelled businesses to return to TV in some quarters and migrate spend away from digital, is the lack of actual results and need more than ever for TV to take precedence.

For online to work well, it cannot be a standalone driving force of your outbound marketing, you need to have a consumer base that has had its subconscious penetrated by a brand or direct response TV commercial.

Trusting advertising shot
TV advertising can provide your business with the consumer resonance and contextual balance to boost sales.

Video is imperative for any business as it looks to increase resonance and rapport with consumers; without it, a company is essentially left in a direct response PPC price war – leading to increased costs and removing the autonomy you have over your advertising sales success.

With a stimulated consumer group that is emotionally onboard with your business, you can now ascertain and act upon the success or lack of success of a campaign.

Interactive innovations derived from both cloud-based and connected delivery can ensure that segmented, chronological advertising campaigns that can influence consumers systematically throughout the process.

Similarly, ads can be removed that do not offer optimal efficiency, with programmatic ads ensuring that the best performing creatives take precedence, while inefficient creatives are exposed – increasing ROI and consumer receptiveness.

Ensuring of long-term sales though, it is crucial that you have the ability to remove adverts from view that have already lead to consumption or some sort of purchase.

Although this does not apply to generic brand campaigns or sponsorship bumpers, with your response, sales-driven adverts, you can now ensure that with the latest media buying you are optimising ROI and eliminating DRTV ad wastage.

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