Save on ad costs amid Brexit uncertainty

24th January 2017

SAVE On your advertising costs and improve your KPI achievement at the same time: not too good to be true.

Amidst a spending culture which has been predominantly improved with unfavourable interest rates, spending patterns have become more transient.

With ongoing Brexit negotiations ensuring that any long term vision would be hypothetical in judgement, certainty is sought on a more temporal scale for business and consumers.

As marketing budgets are concentrated to save on overall costs which have will increase in the short term for some businesses, emphasis on creative and optimising your ROI is crucial.

Retention of course has to form the cornerstone of any advertising campaign, however trend based advertising which is more modular rather than long-term in thinking is yielding results on TV.

Extracting the maximum from any given annual budget has led to many businesses migrating to online in pursuit of accountability, transparency and quantitative figures which improve interpretation.

Reach the highs your company desires and save money with TV.
Reach the highs your company desires and save money with TV.

Online budgets are less than TV budgets, given the reduced costs of transmission and exposure, however in real terms you cannot save on your ad spend in this regard.

TV advertising whether produced in its linear form, on demand or on catch-up, provides a cheaper solution per sale, or in its broadcast guise more impressions.

It is like paying a convenience store where you buy groceries: the process may be simpler by perception, but ultimately you would get more goods for your money in a supermarket where you buy in bulk.

However unlike the retail analogy where convenience is a price worth paying for for some, in advertising cost cutting can be achieved in real terms without compromising on convenience.

As well as providing a solution where your ability to save on your budget is facilitated, TV and media buyers such as Guerillascope have the ability to improve the analytic metrics involved.

By tracking ads realtime and linking to the remainder of your digital outlets, you can provide an unambiguous tracker of all outcomes of your campaign like online.

This has been improved by the emergence of addressable advertising, however you do not have the inhibitions of online where you are battling consumers and inherent issues with the platform.

Online has associated with it the continuing connotations of fraud when initial contact is made; difficulties in measuring actual engagement and brand affirmation through skipping and blocking software.

With consumers now paying for this software to overcome the inconvenience of online ads, it has become apparent that entertainment has become key.

Creative ads can be redistributed in alternate guises online, but statistically lack the clarity and trust that TV provides.

The lack of regulation of ads produced for online only limits accountability and leaves it susceptible to rejection.

Compliance has to be adhered to with TV and ensures that your company can convey the correct brand message with integrity, as you strive to boost sales and save on costs.

Due process that TV goes through ensures your ad will save you money through sales generation and credibility.
Due process that TV goes through ensures your ad will save you money through sales generation and credibility.

At a time when the entire national economic spectrum is transient and uncertain in tandem with the advertising one, the need to instil fresh creative is paramount.

The most successful ads in terms of generating the most impressions to the mass online audience have been humour based, abstract; they are breaking from the trusted means of achieving success.

Remaining as the sole metanarritives in adverting are the success of TV as the most effective means of growing sales quickly and maintaining them, in turn with the message and context your ad can create in a PR orientated world.

Space City continues to produce and innovate fresh creative ideas and cost-cutting methods, to ensure clients can have the campaign which suits them regardless of budget.

Amid uncertain times, Space City has continued to propel brands to long-term success thanks to its state-of-the-art 4K and Davinci Grading software, which optimises all the elements that makes the success TV is today.

Contact the team now to get your latest campaign started and ensure your company is stronger in 2017 than previous years.



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