Saving money should not be subjective

13th January 2017

SAVING On advertising costs is an element of your marketing structure which should not be dealt with in a universal manner.

Whether a start-up, SME, or major player in the business world, your advertising strategy should not mirror that of your competitor because it works for them.

The Christmas period heralds the largest level of spend across a single quarter, with major corporations regularly recouping vast extents of their investment and more as a result of spending the majority of their annual budget during this period.

However company’s who have less financial leverage in comparison to their more established counterparts, have repeatedly made the mistake of trying to match their spending in order to catch up.

Moreover another key error of marketing brands via TV and the wider market as a whole, is over-saturation.

When this technique is deployed as a mechanism of forcing their way into eyes and ears of mass audiences, regularly the outcome is one of rejection.

Too much DRTV can be rejected and inhibit budget saving.
Too much DRTV can be rejected and inhibit budget saving.

As businesses look to create brand resonance, the outcome in this instance will lead to negative associations and annoyance, notwithstanding the great expenditure to purchase such airtime.

The cost of getting your brand on TV varies wildly: creative costs, amount of airtime, personnel, locations and logistics will all dictate the ceiling of your budget.

Minimally, securing airtime and having a commercials produced and edited can cost as little as £10,000, although companies continue to invest multi-million pound campaigns which generate vast profit, saving money at the same time.

However in order to strike the appropriate balance of ad spend with commercial reach, a great deal of research is necessary to determine the maximum potential reach of your product or service.

Supermarket retailers repeatedly witness the greatest gains in profit and sales as a result of mass investment, however that does not predetermine your growth potential: it is not industry specific.

Previously with our own work at Space City we have seen companies on both ends of the scale: one client had spent erroneously on ad spend hoping to induce growth, others have decided to focus on single campaigns at a time.

Predominantly this has elicited the greatest saving in both the short and long term for the businesses concerned.

Although once established as a market leader if commercial spend is not readdressed, ultimately in the transient culture of business and advertising one can never stand still.

In terms of commercial direction though, brand response is the best cost effective mechanism if you feel your business’ long-term future is in TV advertising or mass marketing in general.

Direct response is proficient at stimulating consumers to respond to your call-to-action, however it can be erroneous and inhibit your business from saving money on advertising costs.

An effective brand response ad can be expensive, concurrently though can be one that is lucrative at creating future conversions, due in part to its inherent ability to facilitate story-telling and to establish a niche to accommodate your desired audience.

Space City has created breakthrough campaigns for GoCompare, Moonpig and, propelling them to nationwide hearsay, utilising animations and fresh creatives to establish niches’ that enable emerging¬†brands to be distinguishable.

Utilising a fresh creative ensured it was an uncomplicated and saved on spending.
Utilising a fresh creative ensured it was an uncomplicated messaged, saving money.

Therefore as with the advertising as a whole in 2017, focusing on the best of both markets; online and TV; brand response and direct response.

At a time where language and context has become more imperative amidst the growth in choice for consumers, producing ads where language and aesthetics take precedence is key.

Plying resources into audience research and establishing when they are likely to be engaging with your ad is nearly as pivotal as the creative itself.

Space City has won the most commissions of any TV production company in the UK, while its relationships with media buyers and commercial regulators ensure that your ad can be seamlessly embedded onto the appropriate outlets.

Contact Space City now and see what we can do to propel or maintain your successes, accommodating any budget at the same time and saving you money.


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