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What Is TV Animation?

Animation advertising is the manipulation of drawings, objects, shapes, text, photos etc. created for the purpose of promoting a product or service. Some of our more recent animation projects include, QuidcoScope – Mindful Monsters, HMA VPN, Cherryz, Quotzone, Flavourly, Brainworkout, Dermatonics and many more. Unlike live-action filming, animation advertising tends to solely require post-production resources, an editing software for example, rather than requiring a full shoot set up.

Check out our advert for Scope – Mindful Monsters

What Types Of Animation Are Out There?

There are dozens of animation styles out there, so it can be difficult deciding which one should be used to advertise your brand. Space City can offer the following as just a few examples 3D, 2D, Stop Motion, Illustrative, Motion Graphics, Live-Action Overlay Animation, Whiteboard/Chalk Animation, Augmented Reality Animation, Isometric Animation, Minimalist Animation, Typographic Animation and CGI Animation, Greenscreen. Check out our showreel to view how we work as an animation advertising company.

Check out our full animation for Hide My Ass VPN

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Why Use Animation in an Advert?

Animation in advertising allows you to create scenarios/characters that do not necessarily exist, or even need to be realistic. Using an Animation advertising company like Space City allows businesses to create virtual worlds far removed from our everyday lives, for a fraction of the price when compared to the same concept for a live-action production. Animation advertising enables you to capture a viewer’s imagination while you promote your products/services through a creative narrative.

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Benefits of Animation

One benefit of animation used in advertising is that it improves your communication with prospective customers – typographic animation/Kinetic Type specifically is good for this, considering it allows you to use on-screen text to match VO or just as an explanation with a backing track.

Brand Animation

Most people will not read pages and pages of text to understand your product, however the majority will watch and engage in an interesting animated video. This lets your brand explain everything simply and effectively, improving your customers understanding and often trust in your product or brand.

Animation Brand Strategy

Introducing animation used in advertising as part of your strategy can revitalise your brand without braking the bank. There is a lot less expenditure for labour and there is generally a huge saving in production costs, and less time delays.

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