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How To Make A Successful Brand Commercial?

There is no magic formula to producing a successful brand campaign, however the most successful TV brand campaigns should always convey a message with memorable:

What Influences The Branded Ad Narrative

Unlike DRTV and BRTV advertising, branded video content isn’t aimed at directly selling a product or service. Branded video content can be made for multiple platforms including:

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Creative Scripting & Storytelling

Telling A Story Through Your Brand Ad

The advert should tell a story, a successful brand advertising agency like Space City will produce creative content to capture your viewer’s attention early. The video should feel authentic and relate to your brand ethos.

What Story Are You Trying To Tell?

Whether your creative is telling a personal story that connects the viewer using emotive, touching content, or your narrative is whacky and comical in order to make the ad memorable, your video content needs to leave a lasting impression.

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Where Would You See A Brand Ad?

Often branded content will be seen in a social setting. Platforms such as TikTok, Facebook and Instagram allow the viewer to interact with your brand without feeling as though they are being sold to. Branded advertising campaigns have exceptional longevity, often at Space City our clients re-edit and share preexisting brand campaigns a long time after being launched.

Working with Space City, a brand content agency

Space City start the Creative process of planning a branded content campaign through the following steps:

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What Is Space City’s Production Process?

Taking Your Brief

  • Brief stage. We sit down with our client and talk through the ins and outs of their brand, we research their current media output. Then we use this insight to create a bespoke campaign that will add an extra dimension to their existing content, if any. (we often work with new to TV/Challenger brands that do not have pre-existing advertising content)

Creative Options

  • We then spend 2-3 weeks coming up with creative ideas following the clients objectives and brand visuals/ethos.


  • After which we pitch these ideas back to the client, who either decide on an idea to proceed into production with, or if their objectives have changed, we go away and alter the existing creatives as per the clients recommendations. All of our creative work is done free of charge, we only invoice from the beginning of production.

Branded Video Production

In the production stage, we execute the video strategy plan already developed through our conversations with the client. Our video content can range in style from simple stock footage ads, through to a full scale filmed production.

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TV Advert Costs

Maximising Budgets

To maximise budgets, we always suggest creating cut-downs which we produce for almost all of the campaigns we create. This is because it builds a video library. Allowing for repurposing, reversioning and delivering multiple videos as the campaign grows.

How Much Does A TV Advert Cost?

At Space City we can cater to all types of budgets depending on what deliverables you need. For specifics please visit here.

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Stock Footage TVC example – Kenwood Travel

We specially wrote and composed the iconic Kenwood Travel music track! Visit Our Stock Footage page for more info.

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TV Advert Distribution & Retargeting

Brand Video Distribution

Getting your video seen by relevant eyes is the key to creating a successful branded campaign. There are several ways to target video content. Targeting a specific demographic, using a social platform and specifying which of their users to target. Or partnering with a known media owner and using their platform to host your content.

Retargeting An Advert

Retargeting is a great way to showcase the video to viewers who have already interacted with your brand in some way. Finally, distribution by shares alone can be very cost-effective if the content is compelling enough.

Examples Of Brand Commercials

Some of the most famous brand advertising examples include:

To name just a few. A Brand TV commercial is produced through creating strong emotional associations between the audience and your brand identity. This is in order to install recognition of the brand, in the hope that people will recall the ad, and as such purchase the product or service you’re selling.

What Is The Objective Of A Brand Advert?

The intention of a brand ad is not to hard sell the product as quickly as possible, but to create a strong brand identity that is memorable long after the ad has played.

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Space City & Brand Adverts

Space City & Brand Advertising

Space City have produced many brand adverts over our 30 years in industry, including:

How To Make A Successful Brand Advert?

The key to making the campaign successful, is to always make sure we completely understand your brief and brand so we can generate ideas that really work, and considering 80% of our work is repeat business, we’re pretty confident that we get it right!

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Check out our recent Wowcher TVC – featuring comedian Katherine Ryan!

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