Casting Studio Hire London

Studio Hire In London Can Be Costly And Difficult, But With Space City It Couldn’t Be Easier!

Want To Hire A Casting Studio In London?

Hire studio space in London with us, not just for casting. Space City has its very own casting studio, reception and runner for hire! You can hire one or all rooms.

What equipment and facilities can I use?

Space City offer:

  • A single use entrance/exit access to the casting facilities
  • Paid for on-street parking via RINGO
  • Large private Reception area, equipped with:
    • A desk and removable waiting room chairs
    • Roof windows for privacy (doubles up as changing facilities) 
    • neighbour bathroom facilities
  • A personal runner/receptionist/amateur camera operator (for an extra small cost)
  • Casting studio, with the following limited equipment included in the hire price:
    • Photographic and film cameras
    • lighting
    • Audio equipment
    • Coloramas

Studio and Equipment Rental London

If you require specialist equipment we are able to provide competitively priced rental options. We advise you contact us prior to renting the facilities to ensure our equipment is appropriate for your needs. 


This commercial really came to life thanks to onbrand coloramas, great lighting, talented artists and a creative edit that allowed for products and actors interact in unison

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