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Taking Your Brief

We encourage a face-to-face briefing session to understand your business and objectives and to take down your TV ad ideas.  We will welcome you to our London studio where you can meet the team and take a tour of our facilities. Of course we are happy to travel to you if this is more convenient. We take away your brief and spend two weeks working up creative ideas.

How Long Should A Commercial Be?

In the UK the standard TV advert length is 30 seconds. It is however also common to see both longer: 90 second, and shorter 10 and 20 second cut downs too. TV advert legnth is dependant on platform i.e. TV, Social, online, internal showreel etc. as well as Script and TV ad ideas. In the UK TV adverts must be in multiples of 10 in order to be cleared by Clearcast and also allowed on different channels for transmission.

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Idea Generation

During this creative Idea Generation stage, firstly our entire In-house team meet to discuss potential creative avenues that your campaign could take. We believe this is an essential stage of the creative process, as it allows for an array of minds both creative and strategic to come together.

Brainstormed Refinement

This allows for an idea to go through different people’s channels of thought, as well as allowing all areas of production to be considered right from the get go, which perhaps would not be initially be considered with a smaller brainstorming team. Therefore stamping out any foreseeable issues immediately, (Clearcast approval, budget restrictions etc. are all taken into consideration.

Creative Alterations

After this we often approach our on-hand ‘Creatives’ with our ideas to see if there are any alterations or changes to the ideas before they are scripted, and to see if they have any other ideas.

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Idea Refinement & Scripting

Once the idea generation and brainstorms have been exhausted, the entire team regroups and condenses the idea amount to 3 or 4 creatives, which we then give to our Creative writers Victor van Amerongen and Lucy Hodder, who then re-work them into TV advert scripts. We work with two TV advert script formats, full script, and creative synopsis.

Where Do The Scripts Go?

Once we have our TV advert scripts, or sometimes just idea synopsises (depending on what deliverables are wanted) we begin the storyboard and pitching process, whereby a bespoke presentation document will be designed by our in-house Graphic Designer – Frankie Price, in order to present our ideas back to you in the most informative format. The pack commonly includes our three or four creative options, storyboards, production quotes, artist fees (if applicable) and schedules. For more info on these areas, click here

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