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Space City’s team of composers will create a track that matches any creative brief

What Is Bespoke TV Music Composition?

Music composition services differ depending on what you want the music for? Music production companies such as Space City can help no matter your deliverables.

Bespoke TV music composition is the act of producing a piece of music, jingle, mnemonic device etc. who’s purpose is to be used as part of a Television campaign. A music composer for TV commercials is no different to a music composer for Film.

Music production companies in London tend to work in a similar format. A client and/or director will have a creative vision. It is then the composers job to embrace and understand that vision. They then go away and let their creative juices flow. Often several musical ideas will come out the composers brainstorming time. These will then be amended, edited and reduced in order to relate the track back to the vision.

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Bespoke Music Production Services

As the producers of your TV commercial we want to engage your audience emotionally using a bespoke music composition. Whether that be through a humorous mnemonic, heartfelt melodies or a memorable full blown bespoke song. As long as we are achieving this and getting the tone correct, there is a greater chance that your product or service will be received positively and subsequently your brand will stay top of the audiences mind.

The commercial and the music must work in unison in order to achieve this. A key word often referred to is “synergy”, the synergy between visuals and music is incredibly powerful.  A great piece of music production can elevate the ads visuals greatly and vice versa.

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Why include bespoke, specially composed music services in your commercial?

Great music can be the key ingredient in creating a memorable commercial. In our 30 years of making commercials, we are proud to have created some great tracks for a wide range of advertisers. Some of our most notable being and GoCompare jingles – both still in use many years after their original transmission. Some of our more recent jingles, mnemonics and bespoke track include work for Bonne maman, Kenwood Travel, Virgin Experience Days, Alzheimer’s Society etc.

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Check out our Specially composed music underscore for Alzheimer’s Society

Check out our Specially composed music underscore for Serenata Flowers

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Why Not Use a Famous Track?

Of course the easiest way to get some memorable music in your ad is to use a well-known song by a well-known artist or a cover version. It may be easy, but it’s not cheap! think about the likes of John Lewis, Coca Cola, and the fact that Bill Gates paid $3 million to use “Start Me Up” by the Rolling Stones in an early Microsoft Windows commercial. Licensing fees vary greatly but generally speaking, famous artists will seldom license their music to be used on a commercial video for less than a 5 figure amount. More typically in the UK it costs around £50,000 to £150,000 for the rights to use a commercial music track in a commercial per year. So if your ad runs into a second year, you need to pay that again.

Another problem: if you use a well-known song, there is no exclusivity. The same song could pop up in someone else’s ad. So the easiest and most cost-effective solution is to get a piece of music specially composed for your commercial.

Bespoke Music Production Services at Space City

Headed by Amanda Alexander, Space City’s team of music composers will create a track that matches any creative brief. And because it can be written “to visuals”, the music can accurately reflect any changes of mood and/or it can be used to highlight particular action points in the script. Often arguing the point that specifically composed music is more relevant for your ad than a well known track.

With music production companies, the music can be adjusted throughout the post-production process; so it can be tweaked or re-recorded until it is just right. This is performed by our In-House sound engineer Juan Retamero – who also freelances as a musician and DJ, having performed live around Argentina and London’s Ministry of Sound.

Furthermore it needn’t cost the Earth. Space City music composition services specialise in creating specially composed music can be included in the breakdown of all of our production budgets for a single one-time fee. So if the music is used elsewhere (e.g. in a radio, cinema commercial, sponsorship bumpers, online/social media), there is nothing further to pay. Usage of the music is assigned to the client for worldwide use in perpetuity.


Amanda Alexander

Amanda Alexander

Amanda studied music (piano, clarinet and composition) at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London, including tuition from British composer Edmund Rubbra.

After graduating she worked for Rediffusion Music (later part of AEI Music Rediffusion Ltd) as a producer, compiling, arranging and composing library music albums.

She then joined the BBC as a sound engineer, working initially for the World Service, before becoming a producer/composer at the BBC’s Radiophonic Workshop. During this time she worked on various BBC productions, including Doctor Who, Inside Story and programmes for the Open University.

After leaving the BBC, she set up Space City, one of the UK’s first independent electronic music studios. This has been the base for all her subsequent creative work. Space City Music Ltd now publishes not only Amanda’s work, but also that of several other UK composers. For more info regarding Amanda’s Music services visit her website.

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