At Space City we offer competitively priced On-Set, Studio and Behind The Scenes (BTS) Photography as part of your integrated advertising campaign.

What Is Packshot Photography?

Effectively a packshot, or packshot photography (often referred to as a packaging shot) is a photograph of your product, still or moving, in which captures the entire product. Specifically the brand name and label, as well as any packaging characteristics – for example if the product has a unique shape or colour that is immediately recognisable to the brand.

A good example of this is Orangina’s bottle shape – With its iconic pebbly pear shaped glass design relating to that of an orange peel, audiences immediate recall to the product was high, even if they hadn’t seen the label.

Why Use packshot Photography?

Packshot photography is a great way to gain new assets for advertising on social, TV, print and online, as well as to cost effectively update existing commercials. It is a fantastic tool to boost eCommerce. The aim is for the still or moving image to promote the product, this can be achieved straight forwardly with a DRTV approach, or as creatively and brand commercial like as the client desires. However the main objective is to advertise the product as the customer would encounter it at the store or online, therefore it must be an honest representation.

Because packshot photography generally features the brand packaging and label, the consumers will already recognise the product when they see it for sale.  This creates a sense of familiarity and trust with the brand before they’ve even purchased it. Packshot photography also allows an aspirational environment for your product, whilst accurately representing it to reduce customer disappointment and  complaints.

Space City & Packshots

A couple of great recent examples of Space City updating a clients TV advert with packshots are Bella & Duke, Bonne Maman, Jane Plan. For more examples of our recent work visit our showreel page.

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What Is Behind The Scenes (BTS) Photography?

Behind the Scenes Photography, or rather a behind the scenes photographer is crucial for capturing the unplanned moments that happen during a the shoot. It’s all about attention and recognising those moments just as they are about to unfold, naturally a lot is going on, on set. However for the photographers, this means ample opportunity to capture the natural moments that occur which would otherwise be a memory. These can often be humours, heartfelt, documentary etc.

Why Use Behind The Scenes (BTS) Photography?

Behind the scenes (BTS) photography is a great way to get a whole new set of deliverables for a campaign. Think about it, you’re already set up for a TV commercial, props, actors, director, location are all ready, why wouldn’t you want to capture the set up as much as possible. Our Photography services often include deliverables for the platforms: print, online, TV etc.

Photography Services in general and behind the scenes photography is also a great way to promote your company’s tone, and show the ‘real’ side of your employees and brand. Potentially achieved through a light-hearted highlight reel of the event? Maybe to be made into short clips for social and online or to be distributed internally amongst the business.

Behind The Scenes (BTS) Video

At Space City we also regularly get enquires for behind the scenes videos of the shoot itself. Check out a few of them on our showreel or below:


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What Are On-Set Stills

On-Set stills are used to capture the script/narrative of your production, capturing the emotion the actors are giving at the time in their intended environments. The photographer must be paying attention to the performance, much like a live performance, for instance a dance or a music concert. There are defining moments, split seconds where an artist will give you a pause or a facial expression and this needs to be captured.

However often if the performance is syncsound then your stills photographer will be unable to capture these moments organically, due to the clicking noise when they take a photo, unless they have a camera silencer. Therefore the industry standard work around for this, is to schedule photography time into the shoot day. This means the actors will perform a scene for the ad, then once the director is happy they has enough takes, then the photographer will be allotted a section of time to get the actors to re-perfrom their act, to which the Photographer then becomes the director in order to get the shots they need.

Unlike BTS Photography whereby you’re interested in documenting the process of the shoot and atmosphere of the day i.e. all of the artists, crew and people in situ. On-set stills are very different. The main contrasts being that with BTS the Photographer is always looking for moments to capture whilst everything else is going on around them. If capturing set stills, then you’re looking to record a play-by-play of the production.

Why Use On-Set Stills?

This play-by-play documentation of your production means capturing the advert’s narrative through 2D images instead of through video. It is a great way to effectively get high quality screenshots of your advert, as-well-as slight variations of the events unfolding in the advert. These again can be used in print, online, social, and on the TV commercial itself.

What Is Studio Photography?

In its most raw definition, studio photography is preformed indoors, in a controlled setting whereby the photographer has complete control over all of the aspects that go into creating a photograph. i.e. the lighting, the background, the product distance and angle to the camera etc. Interior photography services are used to shoot a variety of subjects/products, including animals, people and a wide variety of products, from jewellery to automobiles. A photography studio will usually start out as a blank canvas, meaning just an empty room. The photographer will then develop backdrop coloramas and decide what to include and exclude from the photo, such as wardrobe for artists and props.

Why Use Studio Photography?

The key difference between studio and on location photography is that the photographer can control every stage and aspect of the shoot. When on location, photography may be preformed either indoors or outside. When shooting in an outdoor environment the photographer has to contend with various elements varying light conditions, wind, rain, strangers. When shooting in an indoor location the photographer potentially has to contend with less-than-ideal lighting and distracting background objects etc. Therefore studio photography of your product or service depicted visually allows true control in order to get exactly what you want.

When shooting on set the photographer is unlikely to bring aspects of the “studio” to the location. Such as equipment etc. Considering everything will already be set up for the video shoot. This in someways can be great, considering lighting is all ready to go. However it can also cause issues, such as client monitors being set up in unideal locations etc, things or people in the way. Shooting with live sound. However, when shooting in a controlled environment such as a studio, the photographer and client have ultimate control over every stage of capturing the perfect photos, including setting up the ideal lighting scheme.

Space City & Photography

No matter what photography services you require, i.e. interior photography services, behind the scenes photography, on-set stills etc. Space City have a team of competitively priced photographers to assist. Our go to Photographic team includes:

We also benefit from having our own in-house casting studio with reception. For more details contact our team.


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