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Space City provides a complete service from script-to-screen ensuring your sponsorship bumpers are produced for less

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Sponsorship bumpers are the most lucrative form of advertising for campaigns that run for more than six months. Space City can help you maximise them!

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Sponsorship Agency

A sponsorship agency should deliver! that means providing your business with successful TV advertising that gets results. TV programme sponsorship, or Sponsorship bumpers for short, allow direct association with programmes, shows or entire channels, and can be used to advertise to a specific relevant audience, considering there would be certain demographics watching the sponsored programme.

Space City Sponsorship Agency London

Space City are a sponsorship agency operating in London, Manchester and Bristol. So if you’re looking for a cost effective sponsorship agency London, Manchester, Bristol or outside of these cities, contact us today.

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Check out the 4x Sponsorship bumpers we produced for Together Finance, sponsoring the Great House Giveaway on Channel 4.

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Advertising to a Relevant Audience

Sponsoring a programme allows an advertiser to place a series of short credit sequences or bumpers, featuring their logo and a commercial message, around a relevant programme. This guarantees a prime position and maximum visibility to your chosen target audience. Your brand becomes linked to the programme content; as the viewers’ relationship with the programme strengthens, so it does with your brand. Proven by some of the most memorable examples here.

Check out our 10″ TVC for Karcher

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