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Space City conceived and produced this TV Commercial for Framd – the site that puts you in direct contact with the artist, cutting out the middle man.

Framd for success!

Space City launched Framd on TV with this advert, explaining the exciting new proposition to the audience for the first time.

The commercial takes a light-hearted jab at the art establishment by suggesting Vincent van Gogh might have had more luck selling his art with Framd than via the traditional middlemen.

Set in Arles in 1888, the commercial features Paul Gauguin explaining to Van Gogh how Framd could rid him of his problems. Gauguin soon reveals a striking yellow iPhone to make his point, bringing the audience back to the possibilities and hopeful reality that technology brings to the 21st century.

Framd is using big data to overturn the conventional wisdom of the art market. The app has already taken its first bold steps towards this goal, getting rid of curation and commission, and instead charging £2.50 per upload. This simple concept puts artists on a level playing field, regardless of background, price or style.

The UK’s most disruptive art platform also has ambitions that stretch beyond online channels, and is currently partnering with a number of local businesses to allow them to exhibit local artists’ work, in exchange for being featured on Framd for free.

“Space City delivered a brilliant TV commercial for us on a tight budget. They totally understood what I was looking for after just one meeting and have delivered a direct marketing ad, which has both strengthened our brand and produced a highly effective rate.”


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