Single Market Article boosts your stability

29th November 2016

MEMBERSHIP Of the Single Market is an element of the EU referendum debate that has been as divisive as many throughout the Brexit saga.

In the short term companies continue to clamour for stability in order to commit investment to brand response and direct response ads.

With less disposable income expected to consumers, there is a decreased incentive for an individual to save any financial reserves they may have, opening up a spend offensive culture.

Interest rates look set to remain low while the transition process is ongoing, with certain factors which can only act as strong leveraging tools for Britain beginning to emerge.

Membership of the single market will stabilise shaken markets in short term.
Membership of the single market will stabilise shaken markets in short term.

The exposure of Article 127 encapsulating the EEA (European Economic Area), has opened fresh debate regarding the lineage of leaving the EU, resulting in Britain’s withdrawal from Brussels not necessarily meaning a departure from the single market.

Although causing consternation amongst those supporting a complete divorce from Europe, this measure ensures that businesses who find prosperity financially within it have far greater long-term legal and business assurance going forward, as they seek to commit to advertising budgets affected by consumer spending.

With employees, businesses and the wider political spectrum having greater continuity threw the Brexit negotiating process, the threat to imminent loss of business or increases in overheads are quelled.

Therefore regardless of whether Britain ultimately leaves the single market, it has all the control over when and how it departs from the single market after leaving the EU.

This ensures that stability, new trade deals and Britain specific legislation is implemented before ties are severed with the EU and EEA.

Such assurance from your company’s point of view facilitates the premise for growth, amidst times where your potential consumers have not be incentivised to save money, you have the political and legal assurance that can ensure any departure from the EEA is done so with the least economic adversity.

Some in business are of course inhibited by some the statutes that bind the EAA together and would welcome such departure

In the case of larger or growing corporations the mandate is there to consolidate and potentially grow your prospects with the facility to protect long-term prospects.

Single market membership has divided business leaders on how overheads can be saved.
Single market membership has divided business leaders on how overheads can be saved.

If a legal challenge is unsuccessful and the Government does ultimately maintain its stance that EU withdrawal means EEA withdrawal, your company can take solace from the spending trends that have trapped savers, to maximise short-term benefits of a direct-response commercial.

An emotive call-to-action is the most successful mechanism of strengthening product or service uptake, while is an efficient tool for affirming brand identity through times where volatility has been rife.

Overall whichever side of the Brexit debate your company sways, benefits can be sought in the short and long term as a result of its outcomes.

Regardless of whether any legal challenge is successful, debate over Britain’s membership to the single market does boost short-term stability regarding commercial budgets and consumer confidence.

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