Six easy steps to successful TV advertising

17th January 2017

Six Simple steps to perfecting TV advertising? It can be that easy to propel your fortunes in 2017 with TV.

First of all outline what your brand is all about; do you have a particular ethos or approach that creates a niche for your company on TV?

Focus on product or service association and the develop of connotations that consumers can subliminally associate with your brand post TV-commercial.

Basic focus groups and vox pops can be beneficial for more mass market advertising or charities, whereby your brands goal is to saturate the market with your commercial and product, but is not appropriate for more niche brands and audiences.

Therefore for other entities, particular start-up firms and SME’s, it is imperative that semiotics and semantics are optimised in order for your brand to be digested by consumers.

Second of our six is pivotal to maximising the first of the steps: optimising TV as a medium.

Through our six steps, TV can be manipulated to create larger sales increases.
Through our six steps, TV can be manipulated to create larger sales increases.

TV ads provide four times the sales lift compared to their online counterparts.

Statistically commercials that appear on TV as appose to online are trusted by 20 per cent more of consumers.

Individuals cite the fact that the visual quality and clarity that can be extracted from TV as some of the reasons for trusting and enjoying TV advertising more than online.

Furthermore 35 per cent more consumers believe TV commercials to be more aesthetically pleasing compared to online.

Therefore when launching your brand for the first time, or looking to assert authority on the market, using the medium that is consistently more discernible to your audience is a prudent starting point.

Space City now has state-of-the-art 4K and Davinci Grading software which can be deployed to engage your desired audience to the highest degree.

As a result, TV commercials can be enhanced to increase one of the central impacts that already have considerable leverage in appealing to consumers.

Linking to our third step of six, the need for your ad to have a clear call-to-action focus embedded is insurmountable.

Within an paradigm where conversions and ensuring consumers prolong their engagement and navigation with your online resources, an ad bereft of such action is rendered redundant.

Although the stimulus in itself is integral, the core needs of it are to maintain focus and provide more transparent accountability to your business.

If you can substantiate equivocally what new sales, sign-ups, website visits or leads could be quantified to the ad, creating reports is seamless.

A steadfast means of ensuring this is to offer either a promotion or at least a website link which is reached through engaging with the ad.

This links aptly to our fourth step of six whereby the increased use of storytelling has established brands large and small with vastly increased sales success and brand awareness.

One of the factors that has inhibited online in its ability to truly quantify ad success has been ad blocking software and the inconvenience the ads bring to consumers.

To override this issue contemporarily where TV now suffers a similar fate with the ability to fast forward or rewind live, catch-up and on-demand television, is to offer viewers an experience they want to see.

Inconvenience is something that can be paid to avoided-many do, therefore the directive advertisers need to take is a tact adopted by many household names over Christmas.

The success of the brand affirming stories which offer escapism, symbolism or just the abstract can dispel the consumer’s natural desire to reject advertising.

Furthermore our fifth of six steps incorporates similar values: offering a service that entertains an audience.

Humour has been an element of advertising in perpetuity, however the habits of many business to copy the tried and tested to embody their values, is ultimately folly.

Creativity, whether delivered through level of budget, flair or ad style is imperative to securing new market share.

Our six steps ensure that you can exploit creative flair to create your own niche.
Our six steps ensure that you can exploit creative flair to create your own niche.

The prerogative has been to mimic successes, however completely inverting that and offering an ideal that juxtaposes it will yield similar buoyancy.

Ultimately you are attempting to appeal to ever-more individualised audiences, therefore by using a technique where the outcome is entirely relative is not a risk.

Humour is a form of expresses emotion and gauging how others interact with you; anything of contention and objectivity will garner resonance with an audience, whether it is yours is down to your creative.

Our final point of six unilaterally ties all the aforementioned points together: language.

With the need to utilise all the previous techniques successfully, understanding what your audience engages with aside from advertising is key.

How they search for items of recreation and enjoyment, therefore creating a positive emotional association with your product and commercial.

If it relates not only in a practical sense, but carries frivolous semblance too, your levels of engagement, conversions and ultimately sales will rise.

Within the first two weeks of 2016 five of the 10 most watched and shared ads had humour at its base.

Space City has utilised its facilities, 25 years worth of experience, staff and creative flair to supply cost-effective TV commercials that continue to enjoy success.

Contact us now and see if Space City can bring sales success six times that of investment to your company.



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