SkinBase announce nationwide ad campaign

12th April 2017

SKINBASE Has announced their TV campaign will be extended to facilitate a nationwide delivery from May.

Having launched their TV ad in January to test the effectiveness of TV with their brand, the Stoke based company were delighted with the impact of the test broadcast.

The test campaign was launched across ITV utilising traditional, demographic based, linear TV advertising, enjoying successful spots during Loose Women.

The national campaign will begin in May and also include further exposure via Heart FM Radio in London.

Having sought to deliver a clear and subjective call-to-action mechanism in the test campaign, Space City’s creative directive has delivered for the dermatology experts.

TV advertising continues to deliver unrivalled upscaling regardless of the media spend, however cost-per-conversion does decrease the higher the spend.

On average TV advertising campaigns deliver the greatest upscaling through word-of-mouth, with 53% of TV commercials driving conversations face-to-face and 26% providing further engagement online.

SkinBase have enjoyed success as a result of Space City's creative direction.
SkinBase have enjoyed success as a result of Space City’s creative direction.

Moreover TV commercials drive 51% of all marketing related conversations, boosting your engagement omni-platform.

This penetration exists despite TV accounting for 36% of all marketing spend, underpinning its credibility as the most effective and efficient marketing tool.

Such general success has translated to SkinBase’s own campaign, with previous industry success reciprocated for the UK’s number one producer’s of microdermabrasion facials.

On average TV campaigns that seek a direct response will produce the most efficiency and ROI, delivering 15% improved cost-effectiveness when compared to online.

The ad showcasing the SkinBase Facial was the first produced by Space City for the company, led by Richard Faulkner since 2005.

Focusing on the symbolic message that people can still be different, yet have more in common than ever, utilised the latest DaVinci Grading software to provide the aesthetic qualities hitherto seen in Hollywood.

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