Small business? How to advertise using video

29th August 2018

Advertising is only getting easier for small and medium-sized enterprises. Space City explores the ways in which you can grow cost-effectively through video

SMALL Businesses no longer need to feel deterred by the supposed costs associated with TV and other forms of video advertising; find out why below.

With consumer groups becoming increasingly segmented, you can launch advertising campaigns across TV, online and radio cost-effectively, while also increasing data streams.

The key to any successful segmented campaign is to have the ability to learn more about consumer behaviours – not just the fact they viewed an ad or even purchased something from your business as a result.

Knowing where someone viewed your ad; when and through which piece of programming or content, all contribute to more bespoke data offerings that will help your business transform the way it advertises cross-platform.

What style of advert should I choose for my first advertising production?

Your company will need to justify the initial investment in TV, radio, or online video advertising, therefore injecting a degree of response will be imperative.

Brand building will also be necessary, too, so utilising the power and versatility of brand response will help your ads in terms of memorability and long-term success.

Even though these ads — particularly when selling a product or service that is continuously changing — may have transient relevance, it is crucial that you facilitate long-term usability.

Shot for London and Country Mortgages small business advertising production
Adverts need to be built to carry long-term relevance, therefore incorporating brand will be crucial to any small business advertising

If your overall ad’s creative revolves around subjects that will repeatedly change, you will ensure that your overall investment in advertising and marketing increases; it can be stemmed by having a basic commercial that can be adapted to reflect certain promotions.

TV should be the prerequisite for any successful advertising campaign; with the stimulus of TV propelling your business to unrivalled acclaim, you can harness the demand through campaigns online that reflect the semantics and context of your TV or radio advertising.

Although TV is the advisable starting point for any lucrative marketing venture, radio is the second most effective, alongside out of home advertising, which is also the most effective generator of trust in social media content.

How should I execute the best initial video advertising campaign?

Through planning an advert without sync sound, you will be able to instil the flexibility you need to take your initial campaign to various other platforms, without having the costly inconvenience of having to produce multiple campaigns.

Adverts with spoken dialogue on-screen are invariably more successful, but if budgets cannot afford the luxury of taking a more long-term approach to advertising, taking this tack will save on advertising costs and ensure that you can adapt your campaign more easily to use in more specific consumer segments.

Small or medium sized enterprises may not have the capital to plunge into multiple campaigns initially, therefore preempting the versions you may need to broadcast throughout the year early is key.

If you can create all the versions you believe you’ll need to market to your product or services, you can save on editing and voiceover recording time.

Moreover as you plan your initial campaign, negotiating lifetime buyouts can ensure you save on artist fees if your advertising campaign runs for a long period, which is beneficial to overall advertising ROI.

Planning your ideas and seeing whether they are credible is key. Communicating your script ideas to Clearcast and/or Radio Centre before any filming or recording takes place is imperative.

This should precede any production commencing, otherwise any contentious concepts, statements, or executions could be deemed in breach of advertising codes of conduct.

After achieving clearance, the next step should be to ensure that you have locations, insurance and backup drives sorted to protect your IP – which could potentially be crippling for any small business entity.

CGON's cost-effective TV commercial production from Space City for the small business
Any business should look to protecting IP in every way possible, but for small businesses it is imperative.

With licences artists secured, filming of your commercial (if applicable) can take place, with editing following this process.

After editing in low-resolution first, you can export your versions. Doing so from the same edit suite will be crucial to maintain quality and consistency as you transmit to TV, online, or radio.

What more can I do creatively with video? 

As you look to boost response initially, a humorous or experiential creative is the most lucrative means of stimulating instant results, but also improving memorability.

Including an original jingle or other musical score will boost memorability and effectiveness at end branding, while focusing on emotion will be vital.

If you have actors, or just a voiceover in the case of radio, you will need convey the emotions you want your consumers to feel during the ad.

Imbuing brand at this early stage will be key, therefore having business colours prevalent throughout the ad, or even company specific language, which can drive search and your wider online output is key.

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