Social Media harnessing key to ad success

15th June 2017

SOCIAL Media and online advertising in general has been entrenched in a period of growth that shows no sign of abating: aligning it to TV will boost growth further.

While the ambiguity of true online success has been skewed amid the increasing success of TV as a stimulus, many businesses advertising online have been deceived of its true singular success.

Your business is maximising its ad spend most prudently when embodying all your advertising a generic batch of creatives; the importance of brand is immeasurable.

With many businesses either combining TV and online, or just using one or the other, the tact is replete with inefficiencies regardless.

As your business seeks to leverage and maximise the optimum from your creative, ensuring that they are ultimately married to all your KPIs is imperative.

If for instance you are looking to appeal and enchant a blend of demographic dependant consumers, business owners or perhaps a more niche market, it may seem foolhardy to focus upon creative directions that are counter-productive to the other.

However amid a time where emotion is increasingly coming to fore within advertising, the complimentary nature of your creative to the brain will serve to create more generic content that can appeal to many, without utilising a plethora of creatives to elicit success on the juxtaposing social platforms.

Some within the national press have been speaking about the adverse effects of utilising influencers for instance and using them generically, considering the fact that each social platform is used for different purposes.

As you seek to underscore the professional attributes of broadcast and print news,
Influencers are invaluable to your business, increasing optimal business effects by 13%.

It is possible to increase your social media engagement through TV, eliciting not only remarkable sales increases, but also empowering word-of-mouth and long-term efficiency.

The ultimate key though for your business is to not fundamentally attempt to drive traffic to your desired social channels or other online media, but to do it tacitly, mobilising the cognitive influences that will circumvent the rebellious mechanisms many consumers have as a result of being sold to.

Therefore like with all viral media you see online, it is not trying to sell you something; it may be a tertiary element, but the primary and secondary purpose must be to offer something inspiring and/or entertaining.

Thus shamelessly shoehorning in visual cues and prompts for the consumer to engage will not support affirmation and resonation, it will only serve to annoy them and reinforce the assertion they are being sold to.

To overcome this then, a core focus needs to be placed in both harnessing the power of search and implementing key words that carry pertinence to social sites, yet are conveyed in an ulterior context.

As you look to enchant users of LinkedIn for instance employing key-words such as, ‘connecting’, ‘connect’, or ‘network’, but in the context of emotion will serve to enchant those who frequent it.

While planting similar phrases associated with Twitter and Facebook like, ‘follow’, ‘favourite’, ‘likes’, ‘shares’, or ‘post’ can carry leverage and build associations with social platforms that can assist with your inventory harnessing and attribution.

Statistically TV inhabits the greatest multiplier effect of any advertising medium, with 26% of such ads being mentioned within social media conversation- more so than online native ads themselves.

Thus with a concerted effort to conciliate your TV efforts to your online content, you can ensure that you are subliminally incentivising greater conversation, engagement and resonation beyond TV.

In an increasingly targeted age of television the clamour to eliminate waste within campaigns is manifest.

Through optimising TV to incorporate social your measurability will be more transparent and attributable.
Through optimising TV to incorporate social your measurability will be more transparent and attributable.

Therefore utilising the targeted and programmatic elements of TV advertising together, you can systematically shape an audience to target within your online campaigns, ensuring a generic, targeted audience for every campaign that will provide accurate attribution for upscaling.

With though an emphasis on optimising the upscaling through TV to grow the depth of interaction on social media, you will enhance the leverage of your brand overall as well as lowering costs.

Without the need to pay for generic PPC in the same volumes to stimulate consumers, you can establish a niche that designates your business as a purveyor of entertainment and awe, providing you with the capability to leverage audience online, through means that should be discouraged on TV.

Encouraging people to peddle a certain hashtag will cause an emotive shutdown of your brand affirmation.

The key message is subliminal, therefore to harness the power of social media the focus has to be on embedding key words related to those channels with brand cues.

Thus by increasing the presence of convergence within your brand ideology, working with social media companies can establish B2B partnerships that will increase the commercial fortunes of both your business and companies like Facebook and Twitter.

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