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10th July 2018

Social media and TV have more in common than is currently reflected across the advertising production sphere, but what needs to be done to improve matters?

Social Media is a vital source of advertising revenue for businesses, but what needs to be done to make ad placement more lucrative for advertisers?

The divergence of creative styles between online ads on social media and those seen on TV is too great to ensure of production consistency and credibility – something that needs to change to boost ROI and overall results.

When advertising on social media, you are invariably targeting someone based on predefined metrics that are chosen by your business, but this tack is far too transient and does not serve to conciliate consumers to your company in the long-term.

The impression of your business will be brief and you have no control of the context in which the ads will be displayed, while placement may not be appropriate to the subject matter of your ad.

While the ads themselves need to change across social media, companies like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn need to do more to offer increased relevance and similarities with TV, VOD or even YouTube campaign.

This can be done, but through utilising more sophisticated algorithms that will not place ads alongside content that does not compliment subject matter or brand ideology, your business can appeal emotionally, as well as having the ability to create ads that ultimately reflect one-another omni-platform.

CGON's cost-effective TV commercial production from Space City
Creative consistency omni-platform is key to your advertising production succeeding on social media and TV

With banner ads, or those that need a form of consumer interaction to convey the entire contextual message of an ad, the difficulty is confusion and not knowing how much of an ad was consumed to ascertain what may need to be done to improve it.

Through TV advertising, you know something is being displayed unequivocally to the consumer, without the distractions that surround social media, but for TV and online to succeed in tandem, there needs to be a larger degree of convergence on messaging, ad delivery and consumer segments used.

The previous USP and main advantage of online and social media advertising, was the ability to target consumers based on their search and purchase habits, but this can now be integrated into  TV advertising purchases.

One issue is the lack of reciprocation in the development of the respective advertising entities.

On the one hand, you have an advertising juggernaut that continues to enjoy increased revenues despite falling efficiency, yet the platform with the most efficiency and ROI possible has endured spending declination in recent years.

This complacency is not offering value for money where businesses are concerned; duopolies are enjoying a greater hold on the overall industry, while those seeking to provide increased transparency are not serving businesses.

Good advertising invariably needs video or audio at its core – PPC and banner ads are ineffectual when compared to the more sophisticated video seen on TV.

For your brand to resonate emotively, there needs to be a degree of context to disambiguate the tone of your product and adverts.

Without video or radio, where the undivided attention of consumers is prevalent, you need to ensure that this means of advertising is ubiquitous online, as well as off it, without causing your consumers to resent your brand.

Brand response TV commercial production for Broadband Choices by Space City
Consumers need to know the context of your ad to trust your business. You will endure inefficiency if this is confused – like in social media ads currently.

The issue with forcing viewers to watch an ad, is the potential for them to download blocking software, which will only harm the quality of the premise available to your business as you advertise online in the future.

Therefore, the help that needs to be provided by social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter et al, is the need to improve the consent offered by consumers to view ads – if the incentive is there to view it.

Increased intellect between news-feeds across the spectrum of social offerings and the ads being displayed is imperative – if such a scheme could provide realtime gratification from consumer browsing trends.

Once the ad is consumed, a locked screen would then ensure of the attention needed to provide the same context and information consumed by TV viewers.

Although TV advertising production generates the demand for your business, in order to gather the data needed to improve your campaigns for new linear ads, you will need stimulative response ads that maximise the platform you are utilising – branded ads are not as successful online.

Without such sophistication currently, you will need to prioritise social media ads that represent shorter versions of your branded ads, with response ameliorations to induce response and memorability.

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