Space City launches Dentek and Care UK ads

4th April 2017

SPACE CITY Has launched the new advertising campaigns for both dental care retailer, Dentek and healthcare providers, Care UK.

Both productions incorporated live action shoots, with a central London home sought to add some bite to the Dentek campaign and the Peninsula NHS treatment Centre in Plymouth the coastal retreat as Space City travelled to the seaside.

Although Care UK’s latest ad showcasing their alternative NHS care is now being broadcast on TV, Dentek opted for an online campaign to exhibit their latest range of dental products.

During the shoot for the American retail giant, condensation had to be cultivated at controlled temperatures in order for the camera to maintain focus and clarity, while Space City’s state-of-the-art DaVinci Grading software enhanced the footage to create a visceral viewing experience for consumers.

Similar challenges were not existent within the shoot for the Reading-based healthcare firm, with the core focus on a presenter driven shoot allied to the interjections from interviews to supplement the brand-based narrative.

Although DRTV has been a staple of Space City during its 25 year history, being mindful of current economic trends, the company deviated to more brand orientated content that could provide resonance for increased long-term impact.

The Care UK and Dentek shoots focused on more brand affirming content to elicit long-term response.
The Care UK and Dentek shoots focused on more brand affirming content to elicit long-term responses.

Increased inflation and all-time low savings is set to preclude any increases in consumer spending, with the need to create relatable, aspirational brand niches that will harbour memorability and safeguard ROI.

Despite comprising of a complete live-action shoot, with a full crew necessary to capture the cathartic brand theme desired by Care UK, the entire ad delivery was secured for less than £10,000.

Delivering savings, optimising ROI and spend efficiency has been accentuated by the presence of complete in-house autonomy, while further savings were induced by the omission of any casting.

Instead industry professionals were used to emboss the new campaign with credibility and trust, underpinning the honesty and integrity that was desired from the campaign.

Space City continues to produce TV, online and radio adverts to premium quality and optimal cost, with forthcoming campaigns due to be released shortly for a fashion giant and gaming conglomerate.

Contact the team now and ensure your consumers enjoy advertising again, enabling increased profits and improved measurability.

You can watch the brand new Dentek and Care UK ads now by clicking on the respective links.



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