Sponsorship bumpers can propel you in 2017

9th January 2017

SPONSORSHIP Bumpers have been a method of advertising that can be crucial to incorporating the core values of both brand and direct response.

With the growing variety of metrics brands can use to advertise their business on TV, appropriating the correct shows and times with your brand and the message you want to convey, has only been made easier.

To create a sponsorship bumper that is ultimately successful for growing the KPI most integral to the growth of your business, context is imperative above all else.

If your business centres around selling holidays for instance, situating your commercial alongside a show or broadcast which mirrors the direction you want your consumers to believe you are taking is paramount.

Timing also carries great weight with the successful delivery and resulting impact of the exposure.

Sponsorship bumpers can take your company to much brighter times.
Sponsorship bumpers can take your company to much brighter times.

For instance including elements of your ad which are more appropriate for direct response, are best placed on the end board within the last of your bumpers.

In order to form that initial brand resonation with your product, it is integral that your sponsorship bumper creates that initial brand direction.

This has in recent months taken the form of a hashtag campaign, simply having an aspirational link, or even amplifying the association the brand now has with the show that is being broadcast.

Kayak has been one of the most successful companies of 2016 in maximise the sponsorship bumper and TV as a whole.

Being a travel company and allying themselves to the coverage of Formula One coverage, which travels around the world, creates an aspirational stimulus to the consumer whereby they have a vested interest in exploring the merits of the brand.

As a result of the campaign Kayak have decided to increase the size of their TV campaigning portfolio by entering the US TV market.

Therefore within your sponsorship the need to dovetail your ideology with that of the consumer is imperative, but more easily achievable today.

With the rise in addressable, interactive and programmatic advertising, notwithstanding the cataclysmic growth of online, ensures that the metrics of analysing language and how consumers engage with your services is paramount.

Furthermore the reality of whether certain individuals interact at all with elements of your product of services is pivotal.

If the audience you are broadcasting your sponsorship bumpers to is not receptive or stimulated by your commercial, regardless of the mass market that watches the show broadcast with your ads, you will see nothing more than rejection of your ad.

Space City has delivered sponsorship bumper campaigns for myriad companies, most recently VillaPlus.

In this instance the bumpers are being prepared, not only to resonate and connect with the audience watching the particular show, but offering the stimuli which can further engagement, brand awareness and sales.

This is achieved through incentivising the commercial and is a regular technique that has delivered success repeatedly through offering ad specific promotions.

A lasting bond can be forged with your consumers through effective sponsorship bumpers.
A lasting bond can be forged with your consumers through effective sponsorship bumpers.

Not only will this engage the potential consumer to an impending deal, but also act as a highly accurate metric of tracking the success of the sponsorship bumpers.

If audiences are essentially forced to interact with your brand and wider services in order to source a deal, you are inherently improving your brand awareness and impression rate online, creating a further commercial boost through PPC.

Ultimately though to cement brand identity and to elicit instant direct response, offering the scope to succeed at many of your KPIs, sponsorship bumpers can offer the springboard that your company to utilise for future campaigns.

Space City specialises in this method of advertising, notwithstanding direct and brand response advertising, delivering successful campaigns for repeat clients such as Villa Plus, InsureandGo and Viking River Cruises.

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